Memorable alumni Dandiya evening

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Inculcating a sense of culture and unity is the essence of any Indian festival and Navratri is a portrait of colour, action, music and togetherness. The customary Alumni Meet cum Dandiya Evening was organised by our School on Saturday, 15 October 2022, on the school ground after a hiatus of about three years owing to the pandemic and the restrictions that came along with it.

Preparations for the occasion commenced almost a week earlier, starting with invitations, décor and culminating in a riot of colour and an eclectic mix of music. The students of classes XI and XII along with 214 alumni gathered on the backfield and matched step with the drumbeats of timeless garba songs.

A breathtaking ‘carpet’ of salt-rangoli in brilliant colours and interpersed with gleaming clay diyas adorned the steps and our School reception. The vibrant traditional attire of the students, staff and the beautiful lighting of the ground added to the splendour of the much-awaited night.

At 4:30 pm, the music began to play and as the momentum built and the circle set the students and their teachers matched the rhythm with deft footwork. Soon they were lost to the brilliant beats of a heafy tradition.

The event commenced with an exhilarating garba dedicated to Goddess Durga. All the students and staff present, joined the concentric circles tapping to the spectacular music. The dandiya sticks in both the hands clicked in unison as the skilled dancers twirled insync with each other to make for a mindblowing sight.

The strong bond between the teachers and students knit tightly as the circles became profuse with growing numbers as the evening progressed. Periodically there were loud cheers for an encore!

The tongue tickling refreshments were very tempting even as the experience was overwhelming. Everyone soaked in the moment together, irrespective of whether they were seniors, first year students, faculty or Principal, Ms Tania Joshi herself! We scarcely noticed how soon the evening came to an end and soon it was time to part again.

The widest smiles on the faces of the current class XII students made sure to make the most of the night. The crowd dispersed carrying new memories and renewed associations, but not without a promise to return promptly next year.

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