Mystery Skype

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Technology can act like ‘wings’ that will allow the world of education to fly farther and faster than ever before.

Skype classrooms have made it possible for us to spread our wings and fly to the farthest corners of the world. On 7 November 2019, the students of class II-A along with their teacher, Ms Rhytham Massey, interacted with Mr Bülent Yavuz Çelik and his students at the Edirne Social Sciences High School in Edirne, Turkey.

Our young Indianites were well prepared for their Mystery Skype session. The students were excited and ready with their questions. Since it was the first time that our students were participating in a Mystery Skype, they waited eagerly for the session to start.

After the customary geetinga, the two groups on each side of the screen dropped clever clues to test if their peers couldguess the name of the country! Kanreet, Vihaan, Aarush, Abhimanyu and Atharv asked various questions like ‘Is your country large?’ ‘Is your flag red in colour?’ ‘Does it have stars in it?’ etc.

Whenever our little ones managed to crack the questions posed, their little faces lit up and they waved their hands in great animation! In the end, both sides guessed the names of the countries they each belonged to and proudly held up their countries’ flags. It was a short and delighted session.

The session concluded with a promise to meet again and dicuss the cultures and traditions followed in the two countresto get to know each other better.

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