Nature’s healing

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The birds no longer sang, nor did the flowers bloom,

The smoke from the factories had engulfed the sky,

Spring never came and summers stretched long,

The rain poured incessantly, as autumn walked away.


Various species are in threat from habitat loss,

The heat waves scorching all, not sparing even the Arctic,

Forests burning, rising oceans slowly drowning the coastlines,

Doesn’t the plight of nature make you deeply sceptic?


Today amidst fear, isolation and death from disease,

People are gradually shifting to a new belief,

We’ve mercilessly stifled Mother Nature with our injustice,

Now we’re terrified and beg relief


We’ve been ungrateful for so long,

Not realising how little is our control,

But while we’re locked in, environment is healing

The fragrant freshness is so appealing!
Behind the of your panic, you’ll hear

Breeze wafting through open windows and birds chirping again.

The sky is no longer thick with fumes, the air seems suddenly fresh,

Life seems renewed and refreshed..,

Maybe this situation wasn’t really a bane?
Appreciate what had vanished in the abyss of climate change.

Hold dear this the eternal magnificence of nature.

Let’s return the environment to its pristine form bit by bit,

To save mankind, earth and every living creature.


Sakshi Singh XI – B

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