Orientation for Class 1

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On March, 11, 2023, The Indian School hosted an Orientation Programme for the incoming class I parents, to acquaint them with the curriculum, school rules and regulations, teaching approach and co-scholastic activities.

“A parent is a teacher at home, and a teacher is a parent at school, and the child is the center of our universe” asserted Principal Ms Tania Joshi said as she welcomed the parents to the new school year, emphasising the need for a robust communication between parents and teachers. She sought parental involvement and suggestions in order to provide the best education and growth opportunities for pupils.

Ms. Joshi described several strategies for nurturing a kid with love and care in order to establish a strong foundation for a bright future.

Head Teacher, Ms. Vandana Tewari, briefed the parents on the school rules and regulations. She provided a summary of the numerous initiatives that will be carried out in the new year. The co curricular activities were also discussed through a series of slides that provided an overview of the curriculum, which is self-directed with hands-on learning activities that not only provide our students with a medium to fully utilize their creative talents and energies, but also facilitate their holistic development.

The Orientation Programme was thus a guide for the parents to collaborate with School for an optimal outcome. It helped the parents identify suitable follow-up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.

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