Our School shortlisted for National Level CBSE Science Exhibition

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Our School participated in the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition held on 19 and 20 December 2022 at Arwachin International School, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi. Our School team comprised four members- Abeer Kumar and Rayaan Paul of class VII in the junior category. Ekveer Sahoo and Chinmay Mishra, class XI, participated in the senior category. The theme for the exhibition was ‘Technology and Toys’.

The junior team designed a car which worked on purifying the air as it moved. Our students intended to demonstrate the use of alternate sources of energy to run the car and had attached a vertical garden to the vehicle to clean the air!

The senior team made a model titled, ‘TASE’ (THE ALL SEEING EYE) for the convenience and comfort of the visually handicapped. The aim of this device was to assist the blind in navigating the environment and avoiding obstacle-related injuries, at a low and affordable cost.

The main features of ‘TASE’ include stereo vision to exactly detect obstacles in the 3D space, virtual surround sound system to accurately tell the user where the obstacle is and a compact, novel design, which is easy to use.

Stereo Vision: Dual cameras from phones are used as substitutes for the eyes. The distance between the user and the obstacle is calculated using basic trigonometry.

Distance Calculation: The output from the camera is colour coded according to the distance between the obstacles. The red colour value is directly proportional to the closeness of an obstacle.

Virtual Surround Sound System: Using and altering these factors, a 3D environment can be created artificially, in which we can use audio from the directions we want. Using this technology, ‘TASE’ can tell the user where the obstacle precisely is.

There were 109 exhibits in all, from which the best 16 were selected at the regional level. Our project ‘TASE’ has now been shortlisted for the competition at the national level. It is indeed a moment of immense pride and honour for our School.

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