Paper strip creations in Pre school

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“Creativity is the best form of self-expression”

The experiences that children undergo during their early years significantly enhance their creativity. Our pre-school children performed an interesting activity on 17 June 2021. They were ready with paper strips of different shapes and colours, ready to craft the sun, a house, doll, tree, fish, car etc. The activity was planned in a way that it kept the little ones engaged and amused as they attempted the exercise independently.

In PS Kokab, Mahira presented a beautiful scene showing the sun, house and a girl. Suhaani created a winter scene with a Christmas tree, snowman and snow in the background. Moksha made a hut with different shapes and her favourite strawberry ice cream. Kiansha made her first doll and Geshna tried her hands at making a 3D ball and different shapes.

In PS Capella, Aiza made a beautiful palace. Samyak made a rainbow, windmill and sun. Anvi made a house, a coconut tree and a ladder. An underwater scene was beautifully created by Advika and Kriyesha.

From PS Delphini, Taran Dadani made some amazing objects like clouds whereas Dhrisha Malik attempted making miniature replicas of the sun, water waves with fish and even an octopus! A garden scene was created by Anika Sharma and a scenery by Mohd. Zayaan. Kanav Bharal surprised the teachers by making Jumbo, the elephant with paper strips!

From PS Hercule, Adya Choudhary created beautiful things like house and sun. Madhvi Garg displayed her talent by making a house and a truck whereas Ranbir Singh used orange, white and green strips to make the Indian flag. Aarav Choudhary made a flower and Aavya Srivastava made the sun and a house.

From PS Agena, Kiyara Rawat made a house and a girl. Roohani Arora and Khanak Gupta made different objects like a house, tree and mountains. Sarwagya Pal enjoyed himself making a car whereas Misheeta Raj excitedly displayed her novel creations.

Such activities greatly help strengthen children’s eye-hand coordination and sharpen the motor skills. They develop creative, aesthetic and cognitive skills too.

It was an ‘edutainment’ activity thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

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