Parent appreciation for Annual Day

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Feedback: Annual Day Function – Mr RudraProsad Goswami

Dear Madam,

Congratulations to Team The Indian School for making a successful and impactful event of the Annual Day Function. We feel honoured to have been a part of this event. The theme resonated so well with the need of the hour. It is a beautiful way to generate both awareness and accountability.

We hope next time around there could be space made out for a larger audience; even non participants.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Parents of Riddhi Probho Goswami (II C) and Rwito Probho Goswami (III A)

Dr Rudra Prosad Goswami
Dr Rudrani Chatterjee


Annual Day Function feedback – Mr Debashish Banerjee

Hello Sir / Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the recently held Annual Day Function 2022.
1. Tremendous efforts from the little students to the senior students, to all the teachers, staff members and coordinators. I always envied watching my kids perform in their school Annual day function and this day made it real.

2. The final was grand, epic, joyous and memorable. All the performances culminating into one large band of talent was an absolute brilliant experience.

3. The snacks bar setup and staging, lighting was fantastic.

4. Seating was plenty and the big screens helped us to see the performance to max possibility.

5. The media team of students compiling those little reels and funny moments was another best part that we loved, it was funny, quirky, smart and creative!

Some word of advice that might help and strengthen future events like so:

1. Class 1 and 2 kids performance:
- Height wise formation
- Triangle formation
- Some standing in the front ground stage area
- front lot on the stage could have sat down
- second lot on their knees probably
- while the back lot standing and performing

The above is suggested purely because of zero visibility of all the kids starting from the third row. Only first two rows were visible.

2. Covering the stage at least. During such harsh cold weather, it would have been more safer for kids to perform, stand and wait next to the stage if it was covered from the top. The cold took a toll on the kids.

3. The below feedback is critical and needs to be escalated and taken control of:
Security at the entry gates!
- None of the guards hired (in formal wear) were active.
- They did not crowd control at all, they were just by-stander. Even after we urged, shout and called them out they just did not budge.
- zero security check during entry. This was a humongous error on the security part that except for checking the IDs of rhe parent no other security check was being done.
- entry for parents Almost resulted in a stampede with push and hurls during the main gate opened.
- entry time was 5pm. This made the parents who were standing in almost a km long queue very agitated, so once at 5pm the gates opened, parents waiting at the front of the queue were barged, pushed, almost groped from behind and entry was done.
Gate could have opened slightly before 5pm and the hired guards should have been more active and vocal on how maintain decorum during entry.
- barricading of the front service lane was not done until my kids nearly met with an accident by a oncoming tool Wheeler. We just somehow saved our daughter. Once this happened, immediately your guards put a barricade, this could have been done earlier.

Finally, i would like to thank you and your complete team for organising such an event, with some important improvement this can turn into even greater event.

Best wishes
Debashish Banerjee
Manjari Roy Banerjee



Kudos – Annual day at The Indian school – Ms Somita Kapoor

Dear Maam,

Greetings of the day!!!

We as parents, feel proud to be associated with “The Indian School”.

We really want to appreciate you and all the Teachers / staff of the Indian School for bringing out the best of our kids during the Annual day celebration held on 15th Dec 2022.

The entire program was designed in such a spectacular manner. The events depicted ,drama ,Script ,Narration ,choreography etc were all excellent.

The normal Annual day celebrations that I have ever witnessed in past, had dance ,drama, music, and lots of talent showcase but i am very proud to say that “The Indian School Family” had many things above the edge.

It had such well-connected threads of Learning, Moral Values and Social Message which made it absolutely special.

Thanks to you and the school’s staff. You are doing wonderful work on the students, for inculcating the students with indispensable knowledge and preparing them with the skills to stand out in life, thank you.

Somita Kapoor
Gaurav Kapoor
(Parents of Aaryamann Kapoor – 5-B & Ayushmann Kapoor – PP – Merak)



Annual day Feedback – Ms Khushi Jadwani

Respected Maam,

My name is Khushi Jadwani mother of Ish Jadwani class 4-A

The Indian School has got another feather in its hat.

Annual day was a wonderfully planned , managed and executed event witnessed by all.

The choreography, music, lighting everything was spectacular.

After seeing many annual days in the school,what made this one special was the message behind the show.. and the fact that it was the first show after covid outbreak.

It was truly a mesmerising show with the efforts of all the teachers and students of the Indian School family.


Khushi Jadwani


Annual day celebration- 2022-2023 – Ms Vidhi Puri

Dear All,

The annual day celebration held recently in school grounds was well organised and superbly choreographed.

The music team at front lawns, the tableaux and the drama presented were well scripted. The props kept there were meaningful and captured the essence of “preserving mother earth” aptly.

The whole scheme of music-lighting-back of camera scenes captured….everything was so well designed and insync.

Being a parent to a class 3 student makes me very happy and confident that my child is getting the right exposure to be nurtured into a well informed person.

As my little one is in nursery school, I am really excited to see how the pre primary annual celebrations will unfold.

We are highly indebted to Rupinder ma’am (class 3), Shikha ma’am (class 2), Rhythm ma’am (Class 1) and Simran ma’am+Radhika ma’am (nursery) for how they help children.

Proud to be an Indianite under Tanya’s ma’am’s tutelage.

Vidhi Puri
Mother of Myra Wason- Class 3A and mehr Wason- Kokab


Annual day 2022- feedback – Ms Shweta Arya

Respected Ma’am,

It gives me immense pleasure to witness such an amazing annual day function that we can’t describe in words. From starting to the great finale everything was just perfect. Sometime I felt emotional, sometime shivering & sometimes felt goosebumps.

It was a great feeling to see the efforts of each & every one whether it was concept, sound, art, control, discipline beautiful children. Everything was just wow!
We are truly blessed to be part of this institution & feel glad that our kids Garvit Chhabra (7 A) & Delisha Chhabra (PP Merak) are grooming in this way under your supervision.
Heartiest congratulations to each & everyone for putting up this splendid show.

Thanks & Regards
Shweta Chhabra
(Mother of Garvit Chhabra VII A)


Annual Day Feedback - Deepa Sharma

I would like to congratulate the Principal ma’am, her team of efficient teachers and talented students to put up such a spectacular Annual day function. Right from the theme to costume and the level of confidence shown by the children on stage was amazing. Kudos to everyone who was involved and way it was portrayed. You all made the day memorable ending with a lovely message towards our environment.Thank you all for a beautiful evening enjoyed every bit of it.

Mrs Deepa Sharma


Annual Day 2022 – Tina Kapoor

Dear Tania Ma’am,

At the outset, please accept our heartfelt thanks for such a meaningful, wonderful, and outstanding Annual Day Celebration of the Indian School that was held on 15th December 2022.

As PTA, we have only heard praises from all who participated and attended the event. The children were all well prepared and each secession/act was effective in highlighting the message. The selection of the topic “Antardhwani” was wonderfully woven into the entire program. We could feel the words and the message that the young and dynamic children of the school wanted to underline.

It is also pertinent to mention that it was overwhelming to see parents patiently queuing up outside the gate for gaining entry into the school to see the children perform. The activities at the entry lawns and stage performances were mesmerizing and the thought-provoking, needless to say, the hard-work and dedication of teachers could be seen at every step of the event.

We, on behalf of the PTA body, would like to thank the management, you, and all the teachers who invested so much time and effort in conceptualizing and delivering such a grand annual day. We are optimistic that going ahead, we would get another opportunity to experience a filled event at the school soon.

Our Best Regards,
PTA Body
The Indian School


** Mesmerizing and Magical Annual Day Event ** - Raman Kapoor

Dear Tania Ma’am,

Congratulations on a “Mesmerizing and Magical Annual Day Event” !!!

We would like to place on record that the “Annual Day Celebrations” that were held on 15th Dec 2022, were nothing less than magic. Starting from a well-planned entry, to the events in the front lawns, to the F&B options at the school ground, to the amazing event setup, to the entire flow of the show, all was just perfect in all aspects.

Ma’am, your vision and directions, hardwork of teachers, and the dedication of children performing were perfect. It seems that the expectations bar for annual day celebrations has reached a new high, and exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. Surprises were witnessed one after the other, and from the moment we reached the school premises. We, as parents, were surprised to see children ready to perform one after the other, and with a flawless performances. Starting from the children singing, to the skits played by children, the entire front lawn promised the Annual Day Celebrations will be nothing less than magical.

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the celebrations and could feel the synergy all around us. We loved the concept of “Antardhwani” and the way the story of energies to modern society was woven in relation to time. The presentation of the forces of nature and the way they were blended into the news and current affairs made us think hard, about the way our society is heading into the 21st Century and its impact on all lifeforms. The message “Earth was present before us and will be present after us” was extremely thoughtful and with a lesson just not for children, but for us alike. Must say that the way the entire annual day was conceptualized and delivered showcased the deep-rooted thoughts and hours of study, and a lot of hardwork.

Children were equally happy and contented with their performances, and the event reached its pinnacle during the finale. And all of this was not possible without your vision and focus, the efforts and hard work of teachers, and the dedication of students.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for making “Annual Day Celebrations” a realization for us, and possibly for future generations. We wish the very best to the school management, you, teachers, PTA, Parent Volunteers, and all the children who together delivered an outstanding experience last evening.

With Warm Wishes and Best Regards,

Raman Kapoor

F/o – Amaira Kapoor & Aman Kapoor


Annual Day Feedback – Manpreet Kaur

Respected Principal, Teachers, Staff members and PTAs,

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the whole school for an amazing and extraordinary Annual Day program held on 15 December 2022.

The show was spectacular, especially the theme- “Reclaiming Planet”. It was great to see the enthusiasm and hard work in all the acts of all students and teachers and how well the theme was depicted in form of drama and dance.

Annual Day program is a way of bringing the whole school together, which was done at The Indian School in a very composed manner.

Once again, we would like to commend all the efforts put in by everyone to make this show a great success. As parents, we fully enjoyed every single moment of it.

Thank you.


Manpreet and Mohit Vij

Parents of Shanelle Vij, Class 4D


Feedback regarding Annual Day Function – Ms Sukhmeet Kaur Bhatia

 The event was spectacular…..hats off to the creativity and how they have conducted everything ……

We as parents are really Grateful as Our children were a part of this beautiful and meaningful Event , as I’m sure the kids have learned a lot …. Thank you to all the staff teachers and everyone in the school team…..

Regards ,
Ashneer Kaur
Class : 1-A


An amazing Annual Day 2022! Thanks! – Ms Arati Nandi

Hello Ma’am/s and Sir/s,

Let me first congratulate you and the entire team for putting up such a splendid show for the Annual Day 2022. The dedication and humongous efforts of the teachers and students was showing through clearly. It was an extremely emotional moment for me to see how my daughter, Anushka has not only adapted to the change but absolutely loves it.

I can very well recollect the discussion we had with Mrs. Tania Joshi in March 2020 when we were looking forward to getting her admitted into the school. Unfortunately Covid came in and the process got delayed. I am thankful to destiny that although late, she did become a part of the school from July 2020.

Due to the unfortunate lockdown, the initial 2 years just passed with me as a mother always wondering if this lively, energetic girl with an ardent eagerness to learn and perform will ever be able to go back to school the same? But seeing the love, care and recognition she has been getting at school from her teachers and classmates from the beginning of this year, I’ve put my apprehensions to rest. I am glad The Indian School happened to her.

On 15th Dec 2022, I was literally stunned and amazed looking at the massiveness of the Annual Day! The stage, the setup, the lights, the beautifully dressed children, the decor, the theme, the acts, the dances totally blew me away! Nothing less than witnessing a huge concert! We as parents can never thank the teachers enough and appreciate their patience with children. It was an amazing show with beautifully choreographed dances, sensational songs and great performances from one and all.

I thank you again for all the love and warmth that you have given to Anushka which has helped her adapt so easily.

Congratulations once again to everyone involved for such an amazing show!

Thank you for letting us be a part of this extravaganza!

Sincere regards,
Arati Nandi
(Mother of Anushka Nandi, 9 E)


Annual Day – A memorable experience – Ms Sreyashee Datta

This is a heartful congratulations for the outstanding show put up for the Annual Day which clearly showed the amazing leadership of Ms Tania Joshi Mam , the die-hard commitment and passion of every teacher and of course the confidence and talent of all the students which truly made us proud to be part of the Indian school family!!

We were actually mezmerised to see the seamless way in which the entire show was conducted – Absolute exemplary work !!
Thank you again for nurturing our kids in the best way possible!

Best regards
Sreyashee Halder and Anirban Halder
Parents of Oishee Halder and Ishanvi Halder


Annual Day Function – Mr Navin Radhakrishnan 

Hi Team,

I would like to take a minute to share my thoughts on how I felt before, during and after the event.
To be honest I was a little sceptical to spend the amount to enrol my kids for the event felt it was exorbitant but during the event I realised the worth of investment and was a great honour to have had the opportunity to watch an event which was one of its kind.
It was a true pleasure to watch our future perform so aesthetically and teaching us all a lesson on how important reclaiming our nature is for all of us.
Thank you for going through all of the trouble to make this as successful as it’s turned out to be.
Kudos to the entire team who added their bits in making the occasion memorable.
Everything was perfect and we had a great time.

Looking forward to such great shows in the years to come!

Navin Radhakrishnan
Parent of Raghav Navin of 5d.

P.S – the kind of costumes designed has not only made the event colourful & adaptable but it was made in a way that it could be used in daily routine as well, so well done!


Congratulatìons on huge success of Annual Day celebrations 2022-2023 – Ms Loveleen

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

It was a wonderful show
Thanks to Principal ma’am, all teachers and all volunteers for their huge efforts and great discipline during the show

Thanks & Regards
Loveleen Gangal
(Mother of Arush Gangal IV-A)


Feedback on Annual function from Ms Neelima & Mr Amit Rastogi - Ivaan Rastogi

Respected Ma’am
We would like to give a huge round of applause for principal Ma’am, teachers, students,PTA members and all the staff who were involved in function. It was a truly remarkable event, very well managed and arranged.The performances were mesmerizing and they made us remember our childhood. The theme “Reclaiming the planet ” was very well depicted. All kids in participating and we as parents in watching were thoroughly enjoying the performances. Hope to many more such events in the future.

Neelima and Amit Rastogi
(Mother &Father of Ivaan Rastogi class 2D and Ishaan Rastogi class 6 B)


Congratulations on putting up a great show-The annual day – Ms Ruchi Fulfagar

Respected ma’am,
I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations on putting up a great show. Last night we witnessed an extraordinary show which was reflecting how much efforts kids and teachers have put in to plan such an event. It was a very well planned and very well executed show. The musical and the background effects were superb, Behind the scenes were so lovely and entertaining. It was evident that children had put in efforts day and night and that would not be possible without the constant support of you and the teachers. They were highly motivated and were looking forward to putting in a great show, especially after such a long break and the pandemic.Which they did.
Once again Heartiest congratulations and we are looking forward to see many more such shows.
The event was very well planned and so was dispersal.and exemplary show of dedication and practice that justified the theme of the year very well.

Thanks & regards,
Ruchi Fulfagar
Mother of Shaurya Fulfagar -8th A


Feedback on the Annual Day 2022 – Ms Mehar Kaur

Respected Ma’am,

I, Gurpreet Kaur Arora,mother of Mehar Kaur Arora (2-D) would like to share my views on the Annual Day celebration 2022 .

First of all the opening musical act was totally spectacular.So many talented children showcasing their talent not just in singing but different types of musical instruments was such an amazing sight.

Then came the commendable play in which all the kids were given an opportunity to participate . Also the fact that the entire play was done in -house made it even more interesting for us to see as audiences.The narrator of the play said that he was a SUTRADHAR and I felt that similarly all the kids participating in a single drama were stringed together in the form of this play in a sutra.It was beautiful.

I would like to congratulate you and the entire team of Your school -the teachers, students for making it so much enjoyable for us.

Gurpreet Kaur


Congratulations on a brilliantly executed Annual Day – Mr Arindam Sengupta 

Dear Indian School Family,

We attended the Annual Day function, AntarDhwani, yesterday evening, and just wanted to congratulate all the participating teachers and students for its brilliant execution. We enjoyed it through and through, and are proud to be part of such a vibrant and thoughtful school community.

Thank you so much for letting us experience this along with both our daughters, Aparajita (2A) and Ashmita (PS Kokab).

Thanks & Regards,
Arindam Sengupta
Joyita Bagchi


Annual day celebration - Shri Hari Gita

Respected Ma’am,
I , Vaishali Bhargava, mother of Pragyan and Sarvagya Bhargava of classes 4 -Dand 3-C, would like to congratulate the Indian school for putting up such a great show,with an equally beautiful theme “antradhwani”.I really take pride in saying my kids belong to the Indian school family.The show was a must watch and a one not to be missed.The zeal and enthusiasm with which the teachers,students and everyone was involved made it look grander.All the hard work put in by the principal,teachers,students and staff was visible in the smooth management of the celebration.
We look forward for more such celebrations in the coming times ,in which our kids learn,grow together and make such lovely memories for themselves and for us too.
Thanks again for making us witness this mesmerizing event.
Thanks and regards
Vaishali Bhargava



Appreciation | Annual day – Mr Shahab Alam 

Dear Sir / Mam,


Please accept my compliments & Best wishes to the organising team for a commendable Annual day function

The program was very well organized, very engaging & went very smooth, Crowd management was done beautifully

Splendid performance by the team

My Kudos to the Principal mam & team for this wonderful event

Look forward for more such events

Shahab (F/o Anaya Shahab,Class IC)


Special thanks for Annual Day 2022 – Ms Chitrakshi Singhal

Dear Team

I would like to thank all the members who helped make Annual Day Event such a grand success. Special thanks to the teachers who were behind the stage , like the Drama Team , Music Team, Dance team who meticulously had planned .
Special mention for the class teacher Shivangi Tiwari Mam, as told by my daughter, that she put in her 100% and it was all evident on stage. No words to describe the effort put in .

Once again it was a Good Show. All is well that ends well.. especially smooth Dispersal which was not expected as most of the times it gets chaotic.

Alka Singhal
Mother of Chitrakshi Singhal
Class 4E



on the success of this huge event, the show was very beautiful,
The concept was soooo beautiful and eye opener,  and it was very well and creatively executed, the great journey of human development with pros and cons was shown very beautifully,
I really appreciate all the teachers, staff, pta and all the students for all the efforts to make this event successful.
Big hand to all of you

Semant Kapoor
Father of
Madhav Kapoor 7th-A
Daksh Kapoor 2nd -C


A Word of Appreciation: Annual Day Performance – Ms Uzma Siddiqi

Dear Team

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for making this day so special and memorable not only for the kids but for the parents as well.

All the performances were breath taking and mesmerizing.

Truly appreciate the efforts and dedication put by the kids and the school staff.

Kudos to all!

Look forward to be a part of many more such events in the future.

Thanks and Regards

Uzma Siddiqi


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