Parent appreciation for Pratah Stuti – 2C

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Appreciation letter to the Team of ‘The Indian school’ who organized Grandparents day by Dhwani’s Parents. Kajal Aryan

Dear Ma’am,

I, mother of Dhwani Sadani, would personally like to appreciate all the hardwork and diligent effort that you had put into organizing the Grandparent’s Day to please them and give respect to our older family members. It was such a delightful morning for the grandparents which began with the “Pratah Stuti” organized by you and your team.

So, I would like to appreciate and thank you and your team on behalf of Dhwani Sadani ‘s grandparents.

Warm regards,
Kajal Sadani


Thank you dear Parent for your compliments and encouragement! It goes a long way in motivating us to persist in raising the bar in what we do for our children. Like yesterday, students are introduced to occasions and festivals especially to teach the values that come with it and the special realisation that most values are universal.

We believe that the development of a child is best achieved by a collaboration between the family at home and the teachers at school. Your support and cooperation are therefore extremely valuable and much appreciated.

Best wishes for the festive season ahead.
The Indian School.

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