The Indian School Annual Exhibition 2020 – Parent Feedback

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“It was a lovely learning experience. Kudos on your efforts!”—– Namagiri and Prabhu, parents of Adhya Ram class V A and Akshara Ram III E

“ Very informative, very engaging. Co-ordination amongst students was Superb.

“ Very Good!”—— Shini Mehta

Well done The Indian School…..proud to be an Indianite!!!!—— Jyotsna Nalwa, parent of Ishaan Nalwa IX D and Aditya Nalwa V E

“Beautiful and great effort made by the teachers, administrators and students, a novel way to engage the students and instill in them loyalty towards School”——Aparna Sinha, parent of Anshuman Srivastava VII E and Abhigyan Srivastava III C

“Wonderful Exhibition! Kudos to the entire organising team and participating students.”——– Rajeev Saxena, parent of Ruchir Saxena IX A and Hritik Saxena of VI D

“Incredible that this quality of work can be done even when teachers are not physically available. Thank you for your patience with technology, your willingness to try new things and your ability to reach students, even from a distance.”——— Namrata and Krishan Kukreja, parents of Tia VIII and Gauransh Kukreja V A.

“Great work! It was amazing to see the presentation and the confidence of the students!”——- N. Roshan Singh, parent of N. Risha Singh XI –D

“Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work, support and priceless efforts….thankful to School for giving innovative platform to children to showcase their ideas.”——– Amanpreet Singh, parent of Arnavjeet Singh IVA

“It was very exciting to see the 1st virtual annual exhibition. Congratulations to everyone for the fantastic work done….very well executed and fun to see.” ——– Nisha Sharma, parent of Devansh Garg V E and Rudransh Garg III B

“Children displayed tremendous confidence, ability and dynamism in every facet, gratitude to the Principal and all the teachers for their endeavour and relentless hardwork.” ——Ambika Maria Bedi, parent of Rayaan Paul Sah

“Very interesting! Children have worked hard and their project and presentation was awesome. Hats off to the children and school staff!”——- Ashit Kumar Parent of Anand Kumar Krishna II D

“WHAT A SPLENDID SHOW!! Truly no words to describe how professional the whole show looked. The planning and the execution were truly commendable!” ——– Shibani Bansal, parent of Avika Bansal II A and Aarav Bansal VI E

“Commendable…the hardwork and talent of the kids was sky high!” ——-Vaishali Bhargava

“Grand and one of its first kinds…… the teachers were so patient and encouraging.” ——— Vidhi Puri, parent of Myra Wason class 1 A

“Such a fabulous Virtual Annual Event. So well organized and the kids’ performances were fantabulous! You really pushed their limits to a new level.” ——- Meenu Ahuja, parent of Devansh Ahuja I B

“So proud of the entire team of The Indian School….could see the sincere efforts you have put in to make the event a grand success. Keep up the good work!” ——- Dr.Harsimran, parent of Gunseerat Kaur III D

“Never thought online exhibition could also be so much fun! A huge applause for Principal Ma’am, all teachers, staff and students!” —— Gagan Khurana and Shweta Khurana, parents of Tiara Khurana I A

“A big sense of satisfaction that our child has been admitted to one of the best schools of Delhi NCR…school has got all technologically advanced resources, impressed with experienced teachers!” —— Prince Jindal, parent of Sadhil Jindal I B (New Admission)

“Appreciate the efforts put in by the teachers and students even in this pandemic situation, really feel proud to be a part of The Indian School.” —— Swati Arora

“The whole exhibition was very interesting and the students spoke very well. I enjoyed the PPTs and the visual illustrations presented by the participants. The school has done a wonderful job!” ——- Kawaljeet Singh, parent of Taranjeet Singh IX E and Surveen Kaur XI C

“It was a brilliant effort by the children! Good Work! Keep it up…..very very good job!” — Taha Zafar

“It was new experience!” —— Dipti Soni

“OVERALL EXCELLENT INITIATIVE WHICH WAS VERY WELL EXECUTED! A step towards modernization and the best use of technology – everything available just on a click.” —— Chetna and Sumit Bhardwaj, parents of Neil Bhardwaj VII B

“Sincere appreciation to all the teachers and children who put up a fabulous online exhibition in these trying times, teachers, administrators, support staff, volunteers— thank you!” ——- Vasu Talwar, parent of Hemakshi Talwar 4C

“A good effort made by the teachers and students!” —— Arti Charaya

“The exhibition was very nice!” ——- Megha Singh, parent of Shagun VII C

“This exhibition was impressive.” —– Nidhi Jain

“It was a pleasure to see the effort put in by the kids. We enjoyed it a lot!” ——– Komal Kapoor, parent of Ishita Kapoor VI D

“It was a wonderful show presented by teachers and students. Commendable work done by the school!” —- Mukta Kapoor, parent of Shivansh Kapoor V E

“The exhibition was surely a unique experience for the children and the parents too.
Hats off to all your hardwork!” ——- Honey K Bhargava, parent of Shaurya Bhargava II B

“ Excellent Exhibition! I wish to congratulate you and your team for organising such an excellent virtual exhibition at this time!” —— Apurba Ghosh, parent of Adit Ghosh X D

“Overall it was wonderful experience and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of it.” ——– Harish Jaiswal, parent of Jyena Jaiswal II C

“Never had the idea that with so much of technological constraints and distancing, the teachers and students could do a flawless and marvelous job!” ——-Avika Jain

“Excellent work done by students and teachers!” ——- Om Saini

“Very good work!” —— Sonia Singh, parent of Harsh Singh

“Confidence and enthusiasm of the kids was visible enough. Thank u teacher for putting up so much efforts to make this event a success.” ——- Deeba Zeeshan, parent of Raima Zeeshan II D

“Congratulations to all the teachers and students for an excellent virtual exhibition. Kudos to the school for shaping young minds and promoting STEM subjects.” ——- Gayathri Sharma, parent of Aadya Sharma X-D

“Very nice. Great co- ordination!” ——- Abhishek Gupta

“The Science Exhibition in its ” Virtual Avataar ” was in itself a magnificent sample of scientific delivery….. applaud the efforts of everyone involved.” —– PTA The Indian School

“Sincere thanks for organising an online Exhibition, this will inspire students to further improve their performance.” —-Jyoti Gupta, parent of Aesha Gupta IIB

“Planned and executed in most professional way, raising the expectation bar for all. Heartfelt thanks for giving children an opportunity to showcase their talent,” —— Tina Kapoor and Raman Kapoor

“ A useful educational tool for connecting in real time with relevant representatives and offering enhanced end-user experience for access to valuable content.” —— Nandni and Parvesh Thadhani, parents of Ritika Thadhani X A

“Really very informative and innovative. Very well organized, a great show.” —— Srabani Sengupta, parent of Aaishi Sengupta III C

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