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Respected Tania Ma’am

Warm Greetings!

My son Shaurya Sharma is a class VIIth student in your esteemed school. Through this mail me and my husband really want to thank you and all your teachers who have worked so hard during this lock down period. It has been a difficult time for the parents and students but i totally understand and believe that it must have been equally difficult for the school as well as for the teachers. Arranging all these online classes on such a short notice and then training your teachers accordingly must have been a very difficult task. Since i am also working in a school, i totally understand that working from home is not an easy thing for the teachers and the school staff. But the classes went well and even the tests went well. What i really appreciate is that unlike other schools who were taking 3-5 periods everyday, The Indian School stuck to 2-3 classes per day but despite that the syllabus was covered on a good pace and the students were saved from the ill-effects of spending too much time on the computers.

Further i really want to appreciate this fact that this year the holiday homework is given keeping in mind the limited resources available with the students. The homework is fun-filled and the mothers will not be burdened with it. Since the activities given are interesting so i am sure that the students will enjoy doing it.

We really wish and hope that the situation around us will be better when the school reopens and very soon our children will be able to meet their teachers and classmates when the regular classroom school resumes.

Thanks & Regards

Shivani Sharma & Sandeep Sharma
Parents of Shaurya Sharma
Class VIIth A


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement! We are delighted to receive your message. It is with the spontaneous collaboration and support of parents like yourselves that we are able to achieve the best for our children.

Yes indeed we hope that the situation restores soon and we eagerly await seeing the children back at school again.

Meanwhile happy holidays and stay safe!

The Indian School.

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