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Dear Dr. Anu Singh,

I would like to share the experience of my daughter Ms. Maitreyi Purandare (10-D) about the online classes that the Indian School offered. She found the classes and interaction with the teachers very helpful. She actively participated in the classes and the lectures ensured that there was no idle period during the online school session. Overall, as her parents, we are very satisfied with the way the Indian School managed the online session. Being myself a father as well as a Professor, I could understand the challenges at both ends. I understand how challenging it is for teachers to switch suddenly to a new teaching mode due to the unprecedented situation, how difficult it is to keep students engaged in a virtual classroom and ensure their understanding since students are not participating in person, and how difficult it is for a school to guide their teachers/staff in a very short time to adapt to the changes and the technology. I think in the current situation the school has done a wonderful job. We all greatly appreciate your effort and thank you for your continuous support.

Thanks and regards,

Rahul Purandare


Dear Dr. Purandare,

Thank you very much for your encouragement! We are happy that the teachers and the children rose valiantly to the formidable challenge that came on so unexpectedly.

We must add here that it is the spontaneous support of parents like yourself that enables us to do our best for the children. Looking forward to a continued collaboration as we navigate on.

Meanwhile our warm wishes for safety and well being for you and all at home.

The Indian School.

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