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Praneet Mohanty
Subject: childrens day program

Dear Teachers of Pre-Primary,
This was a great initiative by all the Teachers of Pre-primary. For 2 Years it was a great effort to have Online classes, but the way of teaching, celebrating all the festivals, teaching the core values of culture and making beautiful programs to give surprise to the children shows a strong bond. Teachers’ dedication and hard work reflects through the success of the pre primary children. From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate the effort of the teachers.

Pankaj Mohanty
Upali Mohanty
(Parent of Praneet Mohanty, PP-Merak)


Thank you dear Parent for your kind words of encouragement. It is our mission to do our best for our children in all circumstances and especially to engage them in a combination of education with entertainment or ‘ edutainment’ in the words of our School chairman.

Every child must be discovered as it were and his or her best talents given a chance to flower. And here a collaboration between the parents like yourself and the teachers best helps accomplish this.

With our best wishes,
The Indian School.

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