Parent Speak – Art Exhibition

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Dear Tania Ma’am,


We would like to begin with congratulating you and the entire teachers team for putting together an amazing show at the Art Exhibition. The school looked so colorful and vibrant with so much of positivity and cheer all around.

The hard work and brilliance of children was astounding and I must say that some of the art works looked as if done by professionals. The entire experience right from the point of entry where young kids diligently played music to ‘natak’ performance with message on social issues to involving parents, to amazing chorus songs, everything was very well directed.

We would like to take special mention of congratulating the art teachers team who prepared the art exhibition so meticulously and kids were so confident in explaining their work.

We are delighted that our kids are studying in such warm and positive environment which will develop them into confident and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We as parents would request you to undertake more of similar activities across various fields like sports, debates, cultural events etc in the future as well.

Warm Regards,

Neha and Rajat Sapra
Parents of Nandini Sapra (III-D) & Reet Sapra (P.P Merak)


Dear Parent,

We are delighted to receive your mail and the encouragement contained therein! Thank you very much.

It is a collaborative effort between us and you- and specially made possible by your spontaneity to partner with us to bring out the best in our children.

Thank you for your warmth and support.

Best wishes,
The Indian School

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