We share a very effective and amiable relationship with our parents.


The enclosed photographs being, we hope ample testimony to that! Parents are invited to regular Orientations but the first one, as the 3 year- old year child enters school, is particularly sacred. At our Diya Ceremony, parents place diyas lighted by the Pre Primary teachers as symbolic of the precious partnership that the schools steps into with the parents, to bring up together our children for the next 14 years of their lives. Fourteen years later, when they are ready to graduate from school, the children carry back the same diyas to light up, as it were, the world, wherever they go..


At the Pre Primary and Primary levels, parents help us with our “Star-of-the –Day” programme by coming to class and sharing with the other children, the favourite anecdotes and stories of their child. In happy response, the other class-mates make drawings for their new friend which are then bound together and given as a souvenir to the child.


At the other end of the spectrum, parents of classes X and XI help with Summer Placement internships.


Parents particularly come to our aid with our special Evening Excursions by accompanying teachers and children to early evening programmes such as musical concerts, dance and theatre performances, book readings, special talks by eminent speakers, etc-thus helping us to fully enjoy our city as the marvelous cultural resource that it is. At Annual Days and Sports’ Days our parents’ help is incalculable. Our school events have helped to foster a spirit of community and camaraderie among teachers, parents and students..



Apart from all this, there are the regular parent teacher meetings . Open Days are held six times in the year when parents are invited to view their child’s work and discuss his/her progress. Parents can also meet with class teacher and subjects teachers by appointment.


Parents are invited to all regular school events and members of the families are also invited on special assemblies like Grandma’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Uncle’s Day, “ Prata stuti” for all Grandparents on Gandhiji’s birthday. Regular communication between parents and school takes place through our beautifully designed Almanac which also carries the school’ s calendar of activities for the year.


Daily and instant communication is now through the electronic mode i.e. via our Unilrn programme which reports on every activity in the school, accompanied by photographs. SMSes are promptly sent out in the case of urgency. The electronic mode reduces the consumption of paper and thus reduce our carbon footprint. Parents fully cooperate with us in this endeavour at environmental preservation.


There is a discussion forum for parents through our web portal. Issues that need to be shared with the school are brought up at regular intervals. Summer Job Placements – we send students to do a ten day internship with different organizations varying from newspaper offices to manufacturing units to bank etc. Finally the Director, Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Coordinators, teachers, and staff are always available, preferably by appointment, to discuss the progress or welfare of the children.