Participation in Indian Folk Festival

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A team of 29 talented students of The Indian School participated in ‘Saanjhi’ – an annual folk festival organised by Sardar Patel Vidyalaya on 6 December 2019.
‘Saanjhi’, inspired by folklore and festivals of India, was a celebration of colour, dance, music and literature. The event glorified the diverse culture of our country through narratives, myths, paintings and songs.

The event witnessed participation from various other schools and was open to students of classes VI – XI. The participants were asked to select a State/Union Territory from the following: Nagaland, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh. Our students chose Chattisgarh and presented accordingly.

Saanjhi consisted of three broad categories:

• STORY TELLING for Classes IV and V – In this event a folktale had to be narrated in either English or Hindi. Participants were allowed to use words, phrases, poems etc. in the regional language to add ‘flavour’ to the story. Our participants narrated a folk tale of Chattisgarh ‘Dehi to Gopala ka kariye kapaal’ and it was well appreciated by the audience.

• FOLK ART WORKSHOP for Classes VI to XI – The event highlighted a traditional craft or art form, its history, uniqueness, skills and the material used in order to celebrate the ‘karigar’ and his ‘karigari’.

• FOLK MUSIC EXPOSITION for Classes VI to XI – The participants were required to perform a folk dance on a folk song. Our students presented the Panthi, which is one of the important dance forms of Chattisgarh.

The following students participated. Gauransh Kukreja, Garvit Chhabra, Anugrah Massey, Manha Furqan of class IV, Shraddha Ssaraswat, Upaasna Khatua, Aditya Ranjan, Sukriti Sinha of class V, Jamir Kapoor, Ananya arora, Deepanshi Moitra, Dyutikana Sengupta, Sonam Khadija, Sreshtha Panigrahi, Mehar Ubrai, Roshie Kumar, Pragyan Medhi, Shaurya Sharma of class VI, Gaurika Adlakha, Ananya Raut, Tanisha Mehndiratta, Yathaarth Verma, Nimit Kemini of class VII, Prayota Chakravarty, Gaurangi Malhotra, Suhaan Midha , Abhishek Rana of class VIII, Anushree Dutta of class IX and Akshita Panwar of class XI.

The students witnessed a variety of performances representing the different states of our country which helped in enriching their knowledge.

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