Peer teaching at the neighbourhood municipal school

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Life becomes a festival if gaiety and culture blend for a social cause. To awaken the humanitarian side and to inculcate the spirit of graciousness among the students, peer teaching was conducted on 25 January 2023 as an initiative of the Citizenship Programme. 5 students of The Indian School went to the MCD school in Sadiq Nagar to teach students of classes 3-5. These were Saina Garg (IX A), Roshie (IX C), Bhumika Puri (IX E), Arpan (VII E) and Kashika (VII E) accompanied by Ms Sarah Khanna.

The students presented colourful pictures of 17 national symbols of India and taught the little ones the significance of each symbol. They also taught them easy steps of making a craft lotus flower. The children of the MCD school attentively listened expressing interest and enthusiasm to learn something new. Feeling at ease with their peer tutors, the students did not feel hesitant to get their doubts clarified. Overall, it was a great learning experience for the students of our School.

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