Physics workshop for class 12

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Class 12 science students Bhuvi, Jatin Malik, Shaleen Aditya Mishra accompanied by their physics teacher, Ms Archana Raichandani, attended a Physics workshop titled Camaraderie at Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar on 18 August 2022.

Ms Pragya Nopany, renowned science educator and founder-coordinator of BVN-IAPT Anveshika, hosted the session with finesse.

The workshop demonstrated the scientific camaraderie between current and magnetism to students through several creative experiments that helped them grasp these concepts in a new light. These experiments, based on principles and laws of physics, ranged from Lorentz Force Law and Lenz’s law to the temperature dependence of Resistivity.

The workshop emphasised the application of these in real life and how to use them for problem identification and solving. One of the experiments demonstrated the dependence of resistance on the thickness and length of conducting material by using a dough ball.

A takeaway from the workshop was that students could set up these experiments at home with easily accessible and low-cost materials. The session took experiments out from the textbook pages and showed students how to learn with fun in an entertaining environment.

In the end, Ms Nopany welcomed queries from students for further clarification and understanding of the conducted experiments.

The session provided an enriching experience.

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