Pledge With Us

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Dear Parents and Students,

The widespread use of single use plastic in the home is a reality. Each year, we produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic, equivalent to the weight of the world’s entire population! Of this, it has been estimated, that over 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our seas and oceans, which can entangle and be ingested by marine life.

When plastic was discovered, it was hailed as a miracle product precisely because of its toughness and its apparent indestructibility. These very qualities are the reason why we need swift and decisive action to tackle this life-threatening issue and secure the future of our environment.

So, today we believe that we must take a small infant step in the direction of being rid of the problem, with a pledge against the use of single use plastic.

“I, hereby, solemnly pledge to ‘Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repair, Re-gift, Recover and Rethink plastic, to the best of my efforts by doing the following.

I shall always carry a cloth bag, reusable cutlery, a straw and a cup when I go out.

I shall sort my waste for recycling and disposal.

I shall replace plastic items with metal ones.

I shall purchase what I require only such things that can be either recycled, reused, refilled or repaired.

I shall sensitise my peers, friends and family about minimising the use of single use plastic.

I shall say “NO” to single use plastic items like straws, carry bags, cutlery etc.

I shall NOT purchase fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic film.

When ordering online, I shall instruct the restaurant NOT to send plastic cutlery.

I shall NOT accept gifts or flowers covered with plastic.


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