Pratah Stuti on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti

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Sam Levenson rightly said, ” Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

Keeping with the annual tradition at our School, ‘Pratah Stuti’, was held on 30 September 2022 to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in the company of our dear grandparents as the latter represent the timeless values of our great civilization.

The assembly commenced with a warm welcome of the grandparents and Ms Tina Kapoor, Vice President-PTA followed by the students paying tribute to the Father of the Nation. As a part of the Citizenship Programme, a cleanliness drive was undertaken outside our School, to reiterate the value of swachhata.

The School choir then presented a soulful rendition of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajans. The performance touched hearts and ignited new patriotic feeling even as a resounding applause from the audience followed.

The Pre Primary and Pre School children walked in a parade dressed as our famous freedom fighters, speaking a few sentences to describe their contributions. Calls for freedom made immortal by these heroes rent the air as the children shouted them out in perfectly modulated tones.

To enliven the audience and to share a very powerful message, a nukkad natak was presented by the students of classes IV and V. The play traced the journey of the Mahatma.This was followed by a parody of songs presented by the mellifluous singers of classes I and II which surely had the audience reminisce about their good, old childhood days!

Next in line, was a power- point presentation celebrating the spirit of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, the elixir of new ideas and pledges. Two grandparents were then invited to share personal anecdotes about India’s independence. Mrs Rajshree Sharma and Mrs Meera Kapoor articulated their thoughts and sentiments in the most winning way.

Mr Krishan and Mr Dharamvir from Gandhi Smriti, demonstrated the art of spinning yarn on the charkha. It gave a taste of what self sufficiency would have signified for our enslaved ancestors in colonial India. Besides it gave a taste of our cultural heritage.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by our emcees, Akshita Gupta XI E and Anthariksh Nair XI B. Last but b
not the least was an interactive session over hot Gujarati refreshments from the land of the Mahatma specially organized for the occasion.

All in all the programme preciously celebrated the sacred filial bond between a grandparent and child. It may be summed up by the following lines- “Parents are like trees who provide shade to their children, but grandparents are like the roots that hold the tree together.”

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