Pre primary annual day celebrations-’Circle Of Life’

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‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success and that is what we call Teamwork.’

The Indian School and The Indian School-Second Shift celebrated Pre-primary Annual Day 2022-23, named ‘Circle of Life’ with panache, on 25 February 2023. In line with the School theme ‘Reclaiming My Planet’ was also the theme for this year’s annual day celebrations.

What a beautiful morning it was, a bracing winter day laced with bright sunshine. Our budding Indianites looked radiant and cheerful in their colourful costumes. The teachers, students and the support staff worked tirelessly to put together a huge stage and seating arrangements for 600 parents. The anticipation of the enthusiastic gathering of parents drew a loud and loving applause to welcome the delightful tiny tots on stage for possibly the very first time!

Shaurya Fulfagar and Ashwini Prakash of class 8 welcomed the guests and invited Principal, Ms Tania Joshi, to address the gathering. Dr (Ms) Nayana Goradia, Member of the School Managing Committee, along with the PTA Vice President, Ms Tina Kapoor, inaugurated the function by releasing balloons into the brilliant sky.

The programme commenced with a musical symphony wherein thirty-two students struck up a rhythmic blend of instruments like the tambourine, coconut shakers and triangles, which captivated the hearts of the audience.

This was followed by the young choir, comprising of twenty-eight artists from classes Pre school and Pre primary, who made magic with a medley of songs composed at School in homage to Mother Earth.

The play named, ‘Circle of Life’ revolved around the Saranda Forest and its inhabitants, the lion, rabbit, deer, monkey, and the bees. The beauty and the diversity of the forest was breathtaking. Song and merriment pervaded the life in the forest.

Alas with time, human interventions led to an ecological imbalance. Stubble burning, especially endangered the animals and birds and the pollution became a great threat for Planet Earth itself. The entire act embedded with rich dance and drama rung in the message that it is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve the world we live in. The students demonstrated this with exuberance, spontaneity and in confidence.

The play concluded with each character pledging to keep Earth clean and green. The trees, the riveting birds with their mosaic plumes, the creatures of the sea, the butterflies and animals’ dance sequences left everyone spellbound. The ‘trees’ reached out to humankind for mercy, begging that they be spared.

The breathtaking drama culminated with a spectacular finale dance based on the popular song, ‘Roke na rukangey hum…’ renewing the promise to preserve. The effervescence peaked when a senior student dressed up as a bear on stilts tread across the stage leaving the audience spellbound and craving for more.

Overall, the presentation was a spectacle. The props and decor handcrafted of recycled material, the food stalls and the games made for a carnival. The games and activities involved the teachers, parents and children together, with musical chairs and relay ball races which stole the show.

Ms.Tania Joshi offered the vote of thanks and thanked the management, parents and the PTA for their continuous support in making the event a mega success.

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