Pre primary engages online with peers in Vietnam

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An interactive skype session with educators overseas enables young children to explore the world.
These Skype sessions help students build compassion, share knowledge and have fun. Virtual classroom interactions bring new joy to students and encourage them to participate in discussions with confidence.

On 31st October, 2022, the Pre-Primary children of The Indian School engaged online on the occasion of Halloween, with Ms Phung Hieu, a primary level educator in Vietnam. The young students were very excited at the opportunity.

31st October is observed as Halloween in many countries. The students came dressed up in different ‘scary’ costumes such as the monster, black cat, dracula. Some were dressed as pumpkins. The ice broken between the 2 groups, our children together recited some popular rhymes. Some children modulated their voices to ‘lend a scare’ as it were too! The effect was impactful and the Vietnamese children loudly cheered the spooky performance!

The students across the screen waved their national flag and sand a song. They introduced themselves and spoke about their town. They were overwhelmed by the experience of meeting peers from another country. The students of The Indian School impressed the Vietnamese by their confidence while speaking.

The virtual interaction helped the children stretch their horizons, build on their confidence levels and learn about a less familiar culture.

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