Pre primary meets peers in Vietnam

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‘In every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is a story of the earth.’- Rachel Carson

Skype, as a platform, has allowed us to set up a collaboration space and exchange views, stories, knowledge and connect with people from across world.

On 16 July 2021, Pre-primary students of The Indian School engaged on Skype with Ms Duyen Nur Kieu, teacher in Vietnam and her students at 10:30 am IST.

The young students were excited at the opportunity to meet their counterparts in Vietnam. Ms Duyen told the eager Indian listeners that she belongs to the Gia Lai province.

She engaged the eager audience with a folk tale, ‘The Legend of the Watermelon’. The story described how the watermelon came to Vietnam several centuries ago. She also shared vivid images of her country’s scenic beauty, important monuments and tourist places.

Ms Duyen’s presentation captivated the young students, as they were thrilled to learn so many things about Vietnam.

Next our young Indianites showcased their school and country. They gave an inspiring performance of the role played by them in protecting their environment.

Shanzay Hayat impressed everyone with her deft narration of the story, ‘Roxanne and the Beach’. She described how Roxanne and her friend, the octopus, helped their aquatic friends clean their surroundings by placing dustbins on the beach.

Little Adhvik Garg enthralled the audience with his song- ‘The earth is my home’. The lyrics beautifully encapsulated the Indianite pledge to preserve the environment and work with friends to conserve energy, water and trees.

Aadya Bharadwaj gave a splendid presentation of the craftwork done by the Pre-primary during the recent Environment Week observed at School.

The session concluded with Harlin and Neelakshi reciting environment ditties. Though separated by miles of land and sea, yet both sides bonded over mutual interests. Warm and friendly vibes embraced the interaction, making it a huge success.

The virtual synergy helped children widen their horizons, build on their confidence levels and learn about another country.

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