Pre School and Pre Primary at the Annual School Adventure Camp

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A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” Mary Lou Retton

 Any form of play forms an integral part of a child’s growth, be it indoors with dolls and blocks or outdoors with balls, nets and tracks. Adventure sports help inculcate several skills in children like enhancing gross and fine motor coordination, team spirit, risk taking and collaboration. These non-competitive activities create avenues for achievement as well as opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance, helping participants to overcome fear and apprehensions along the way. Trust, care and tolerance are encouraged to develop interpersonal skills while working in teams.

 Taking this into account, The Indian School organised its annual fun filled adventure camp on 22 March 2023 on the School field for classes Pre School and Pre primary. The camp aimed to inculcate basic athletic skills such as balancing, coordination spirit of adventure, explorative inquisitiveness, stamina, endurance, discipline, courage, determination, comradeship and team spirit.

The entire field was transformed for the purpose. It was a day camp that offered a positive and safe environment where children could gain confidence and self-esteem.

The day commenced with the children being dot on schedule, brimming with energy and excitement. Just before the activities kicked off, the children were divided into six groups and were facilitated by a team of highly trained professionals with each group being accompanied by two teachers. The budding Indianites in their tracksuits, were led by their teachers onto the field at 8:30 am. The trainers oriented the children about how they were to attempt and accomplish the activities as and when they approached a new activity.

With a soft Spring breeze blowing, the fresh scent of foliage and the bracing weather being a great energiser, the exuberant Pre schoolers dived into an array of adventure activities such as the commando net, trampoline, commando crawl, parallel rope walking, Burma Bridge, balance beam, ladder walk, tyre wall climbing, Australian trolley, hamster wheel, dragon wheel, commando net tunnel, vertical net climbing, artificial river crossing and climbing wall. These numerous activities were designed to help children discover their hidden talents and sharpen their motor skills.

 Every activity aimed at honing a different skill, like the artificial river crossing taught to shed fear. The Burma Bridge, balance beam and commando net taught to balance body weights whereas manoeuvring through a tunnel like a soldier, gave pleasure and a sense of triumph. Jumping on a trampoline helped the students strengthen their balance, coordination and motor skills by targeting their back, core and leg muscles.

 The little ones showed much zeal as they enthusiastically worked together to move the hamster wheel. Mivaan of PS Kokab, after finishing the commando net activity, exclaimed that the activity seemed a bit difficult earlier but after he had attempted and accomplished it, he found it to be a piece of cake and loved it the most!

 The undiluted delight of the students at overcoming their fear of crossing the Burma bridge was evident on their happy and radiant faces. Rudransh Jakhmola of PS Agena, while attempting to cross the Burma Bridge, said that though he was scared at first while doing the activity, he enjoyed it to the fullest!

It was thrilling to see the children daring to soak in the adventure spirit and soar higher in the wall climbing activity. Vedant Basoya of PS Delphini and Yuvansh Gupta of PP Gemini, were spotted sharing a chat about how much they enjoyed the wall climbing activity. The zestful attitude of our little darlings was crystal clear in their confident personalities when they were attempting to pass through the commando net tunnel. Aayra Aggarwal of PP Leo, exclaimed that she felt like a mini commando after crawling through it!

 The children participated with fervour and their delighted faces were a treat to watch when they completed each task. The activities that enthused the students the most, appeared to be the commando net, artificial river crossing, the Burma Bridge and climbing wall.

 Post this, our tired and hungry munchkins plodded back to class to wash up and settle down for a sumptuous meal to recharge and rejuvenate their spirits. Alas, as they say, good times must come to an end and so did our camp. The energy, enthusiasm and experiential learning exhibited by the young Indianites was enthralling and worth a great memory!

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