Pre school engages online with peers at a Vietnam school

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“Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organisation, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.”

Skype, as a platform, has allowed us to set up a collaborative space to exchange views, stories, knowledge and connect with people from across the world.

On 9 October 2022, the Pre schoolers of The Indian School connected on Skype with Mr Nugyen Thuan, a teacher at the Hanoi Thanglong Primary School and his students at 8:00 am IST.

The session commenced with a brief introduction about the guest educator and a welcome song by our little Indianities for the students across the screen. Once the ice qas broken, an animated exchange followed, initiated by the teachers, among as each group shared details of its national symbols, cuisine, culture, festivals and way of life.

Next was a game of Mystery Skype, to guess the country to which each side belonged! Some a few prompts and pertinent clues both sides soon arrived at the accurate answers. The Vietnamese children then continued to share more interesting details about their school routines, their fruit break and how cold coffee and milk tea has become an integral part of their routine.

The young Indianites spoke enthusiastically on the manifold spices and seasonings integral to Indian cuisine. The chefs in the group showcased signature dishes from various Indian states and named their ingredients, pointed out the colour variations and even shared the nutritional value of each.

1. Bhelpuri is an amalgamation of puffed rice, mint chutney, boiled potato, onions, green chillies and so on.

2. Coconut ladoo is a simple recipe which combines desiccated coconut, sugar and milk.

With a plethora of information on aromatic spices and tangy sauces, the handcrafted delicacies offered the palate a symphony of exotic flavors and textures as well as provided the nutritional benefits of vegetables. The unique twist given to the traditional snacks turned out to be really tempting and appealing.

Through a powerpoint presentation, the students at the Vietnam school descrined their favorite food like the Chung Cake made with beans, sticky rice, sour onions. They said that street food is the heart and soul of Vietnam, as colourful pictures brought alive several items enjoyed there like the Goi Cuon, (translucent spring rolls) and Pho, (slurpy noodles with salty broth).

The session concluded on a delightful note with the students singing and dancing to a peppy Vietnami song. The interaction was extremely engaging for the young delegates and they reluctantly said their goodbyes when it was time t

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