Pre school interacts with peers in Vietnam

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The present times are laden with opportunities to travel the world even while being confined to classrooms! Technology has given us limitless options to explore the world at the click of a mouse.

Skype, as a platform, has allowed us to set up a collaboration space and exchange views, stories, knowledge and connect with people from across the world.

On 7 October 2022, the Pre schoolers of The Indian School connected on Skype with Ms Trang, a teacher in Vietnam and her students at 8:00 am IST.

The session commenced with a brief introduction about the guest speaker and a welcome song sung by our little Indianities. Active exchange among the students resulted in an exposure to an unfamiliar culture, as each side shared details of national symbols, culture, festivals and way of life.

National symbols of a country represent a host of objects that paint a unique identity about the country’s sensibilities. Firstly the students of PS Agena wore life sized cut outs of the national flag, the peacock (national bird), the lotus (national flower), the tiger (national animal) and the mango (national fruit). They enthusiastically spoke on the significance of each symbol.

The students from Vietnam shared their n ational symbols on Google slides. It really added to the excitement when the little ones came to know that both the countries have lotus as their national flower!

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love. Students of PS Hercule shared about the Pratah Stuti celebration at our School. PS Delphini, talked about Rakshabandhan, highlighting the importance of relationships and family ties.

The children in Vietnam also shared about TET – Vietnam’s most significant celebration through pictures. They also shared that on this occasion, the Vietnamese pay tribute to their ancestors. During this time, families reunite and pray for luck, prosperity and health in the new year.

Our budding Indianities also discussed our School theme – ‘Reclaiming our Planet’ and shared activities like making paper bags using old newspapers, creating musical instruments using paper cups, exploring nature through a scavenger hunt and the importance of waste segregation.

The students from Vietnam played a pictorial quiz relating to things they shared in the session, which added lots of excitement and enthusiasm amongst the young learners.

The session concluded on a delightful note with the teachers and children on both the sides matching step to the song – ‘It’s a small world after all’!

The virtual interaction helped the children stretch their horizons, build on their confidence levels and learn about another country.

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