Pre school learns about transporation through art

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“The essential thing is to arouse such an interest that it engages the child’s whole personality.” Maria Montessori

Taking this forward, the Pre school teachers at The Indian School planned manifold hands-on activities pertaining to the different modes of transport. Modern technology has enabled the modes of transportation ro evolve, making travel more convenient and faster.

During  Circle Time, the children were made aware about the different types of transport along with the places where the various types are most  found, such as airplanes in the air, the ship or boat in water and cars or buses on the road. Flashcards as well as smart board videos were used as aids.

Students were asked to collect pictures of the different modes of transport from old newspapers and magazines, segregate and classify them as waterways, railways or airways. The identified pictures were pasted in the art files.

Rhymes greatly help articulation, pronounciation and vocabulary. The youngest Indianites enjoyed singing rhymes with actions such as

We can fly in a plane

We can ride on a train

In a boat, we will row…

Drive a motor car, Never walk in the middle of the road , Ghodagadi ki sawari, Ek choti kashti mere paas…

The Pre schoolers were told about the importance of an ambulance and the emergency contact number 102. Using playdough, the children moulded a traffic signal where the teachers taught them about the symbolic reference of each colour in the traffic signal and also general road safety rules such as the zebra crossing.

A car relay was organised in the playground and the children took part in it in utmost enthusiasm. The 3D models of cars made using old cardboard boxes, paints, colourful papers, paper plates etc. were attached to the children who ‘ wore’  these and ran to the finishing line! It was a treat to the eyes to watch their peers cheering for them.

The Little Picasso event planned by the teachers. involved sheets printed with images of hot air balloons which they coloured  and decorated as a part of a Math and Science art integrated activity.

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