School art exhibition ‘Rang Bhar Basanti’

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The School Art Exhibition-Rang Bhar Basanti, was held amidst a brilliant array of canvases by the The Indian School on Saturday, 15 February 2020. The theme of this year’s art showing was ‘Rang Bhar Basanti’ which heralded the arrival of Spring.

The venue was an explosion of vibrant and vivid hues from across all levels of pre- primary to class XII. Several visitors including enthusiastic parents, teachers and students marked their presence at the event.

Vice-chairperson, Dr (Mrs) Nayana Goradia and Ms Brinda Shroff patronised the creative offerings and lauded the art department for a mesmeric showcasing of young masters’ aesthetic and artistic sensibilities.

Indeed, it was an extravagant palette of self-discovery portraits, folk art, reproductions of famous artworks of Jamini Roy and Thota Vaikuntam, spectacular images of Optical Illusion, vivid depictions of Abstract and Tropical Art styles, glimpses of animated Van Gogh paintings and maiden attempts in art media and techniques.

The talented artistes of class VIII offered a sneak peek with an eloquent performance named ‘Colours of India’, a skit which wove together the myriad displays. This epiphany was followed by a street play on water conservation by the performers of classes VI to VIII.

The place was abuzz with strains of live orchestra by the pre-primary students dressed in gaily coloured clothes and the western and Indian music choirs of the primary level. The live art and clay modelling by Middle School invited parents to experience the bliss of painting through active participation!

The exhibit of the umbrella tree was a gentle reminder of man’s folly in taking nature for granted. It carried a discreet warning that the day is not far when an arid landscape shall seek shade beneath umbrellas instead of under the gentle swaying branches of a tree.

The students of class VIII presented a fusion of Art and Physics wherein kaleidoscopic patterns were created through the oscillation of a pendulum to create a sprinkling pattern with paints.

Another interesting activity that caught the visitors’ attention was based on Newton’s disc on which VIBGYOR colours were painted. Based on the ability of human eye called persistence of vision, the eclectic colours on the disc merged to produce the colour white hen rotated at a brisk speed!

An added attraction was a flower-bedecked swing on the Neem tree in the front lawn which gleefully fused with the theme and brought much delight to those present.

The delightful art show with its panoramic vistas of variegated art forms was a surreal experience for all the art lovers and nurtured the landscape of the soul.

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