Skype classroom for Pre primary with a Vietnamese educator

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Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate with students. A story stays with the children for much longer than facts or statistics, as it is a journey of wonderment and understanding the world around us. A good story can imbibe the right values at the most impressionable age.

The Pre-Primary of The Indian School had an opportunity to engage with Ms Tammy Lee, teacher in Vietnam, on 7 September at noon IST. Ms Lee has 20 years of experience teaching both adults and children.

The warmth of her narration of the story of Tich chu and Grandma left the children asking for more. The accompanying slides depicting scenes from the story added to the experience. It delivered the powerful message that it is a blessing to have grandparents and one must always cherish it.

This story was an appropriate choice for the session as the children will be celebrating “Grandparents Day” on the 10 September.

After Ms Tammy Lee’s presentation the children enacted the tale of Red Riding Hood which teaches that one should always obey one’s parents. Dressed as Red Riding Hood, Mr Wolf, grandmother, mother, and the woodsman, the young actors of Pre primary performed in great confidence.

Ms Lee was amazed by the performances and appreciated the efforts of the little ones. The session helped the children connect with another culture and increased their knowledge through a folk tale from the place.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.

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