Skype classroom for Pre primary with an educator in Vietnam

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On 23 December 2022, the Pre primary children of Merak, Leo, Gemini, Orion, and Vega attended a skype classroom with Ms Honey Le, an educator teaching primary and secondary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Such sessions aim to globalise the curriculum, introduce students to an interconnected world and promote digital literacy. Moreover, these acquaint children with an unfamilar culture.

The students were excited to exchange information with their counterparts in Vietnam. Both sides seemed very excited to meet and share their thoughts about Christmas, which was the theme of the exchange.

Our students wore Santa caps and held up Christmas props like bells, stars, miniature christmas trees, gifts etc. They were eager to show their Christmas craft to their peers in the Vietnamese school! The Vietnamese children also shared pictures of their city bedecked with lights for Christmas.

The session lasted about 30 minutes and culminated with a promise to meet again soon. Both sides concluded the session with carols sung most melodiously.

Our students were introduced to a new culture and the universal values of sharing and brotherhood that comes with Christmas. In a nutshell, It was a wonderful learning experience.

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