Skype Classroom- Students of class 1 A virtually meet peers in Greece.

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“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

On 25 November 2021, students of class 1 A and their teacher, Ms Rhytham Massey, Skyped the students of 18o Nipiagogeio Trikalon, Greece, and their teacher Ms Sofia.

The session highlighted the theme of thanksgiving as the Indianites celebrated Thanksgiving Day on 25 November.  The young students from the school in Greece presented their drawings illustrating things they were thankful for, like a stream, their parents, school, teacher, etcetera.

Meanwhile, the Indianites shared their thoughts on topics like possessing an attitude of gratitude and what it means to be thankful.  Little Sara explained that if we want to go out but can not because of rain, we should not feel bad or sad about it. Instead, we should feel happy that it rained and the flowers bloomed because of it.

Dev described what it means to be happy. According to him, simple acts can make us happy, for example, listening to songs, being kind to friends and family, etcetera. Also, the food we eat adds to our happiness quotient. Further, Aavyaan, Ronit, Huzaifa, and Debadrita displayed their craftwork for thanksgiving. They had made a gratitude tree in which they wrote the names of things they were thankful for, like family, teachers, favourite places like home, school, etc.

The interaction continued with Reyansh and Aleena reciting the poem, Thanksgiving Day.  Anika, Ekansh, Namish, Savitri sang the song If you’re thankful and you know it. Next, a recorded dance performance by Rishika, Ganeev, Kiyansh, Zaid, Parth, and Harlyn kept the audience enthralled.

The session ended on a musical note, with students rendering songs in Hindi and Greek to create a surreal atmosphere that was both enjoyable and calming.

Rhytham Massey

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