Skype classroom with peers in Vietnam for classes 2B and 2D

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Skype classroom with peers in Vietnam for classes 2B and 2D

A skype session was conducted on 16 December 2020 at 2:15 pm with the students of classes 2B and 2D and their peers at the Cam Ranh Primary School, Cam Ranh City, Vietnam.

The eagerness was clearly evident in the eyes of the young learners. Ms. Hoa Nang and her students seemes equally excited on the other side of the screen! Our students introduced themselves and they started a conversation about their country. They spoke of the national symbols of India which are intrinsic to our country’s identity and heritage. They discussed in great enthusiasm how we celebrate our various festivals. Our young students were dressed in red and white (Santa’s favourite colours) to lend a festive mood to the session. They also then presented christmas carols and tapped their feet to the notes played. The significance of the festival was also explained to Vietnamese children in students a Christmas story.

On the other side, the Vietnamese students described their cusine and the places to visit in Vietnam. Both the sides discussed the weather conditions and the time difference between the two countries.

The interaction on the skype session greatly helped the children build new confidence and know more about another country.

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