Special assembly by class 7- Cultures of India

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On 14 February 2023, the seventh-grade students of The Indian School celebrated the ‘Different Cultures of India’ by at a special assembly.

The assembly began with the news of the day presented by the students of class VII-E. The international news were read by Mayank Panwar, followed by the national news by Arpan. The weather report was read by Shaurya Madaan. The thought for the day was presented by Mahak Mahto.

The students presented a well thought out cultural programme that included vibrant dance performances. A mellifluous song, sung by Anugrah Massey of class VII-E, set the tone for the assembly.

The traditional dance of Punjab, the Bhangra by Japman of class VII-B had the audience excited and upbeat! Kuchipudi, the traditional dance of Andhra Pradesh, was presented by Pragya Kalra of class VII-D. Anusha of class VII-D mesmerised the audience with Bihu, the traditional dance of Assam. Mrigakshi of class VII-B performed Kathakali, the famous dance form of Kerala.

The invigorating song and dance performances infused energy and positivity in the audience, who were found enjoying every performance on stage.

Nyasa Sharma and Manha Furqan captured everybody’s attention, as brilliant anchors.

As a part of the International World Epilepsy Day, a talk was presented by Dwita of class VII-E on epilepsy, with a view to create awareness and sensitivity among the young audience. She spoke about the symptoms, the causes and the treatment of epilepsy.

A skit was presented by the students of class VII-B, on the topic of child labour.

Lastly, Mahak Mahto of class VII-E presented a puppet show in Sanskrit, which was a remarkable performance.

Concluding remarks by Principal, Ms Tania closed the assembly with an air of new motivation and energy

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