Special Assembly on Dussehra in Pre primary

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India is known as a land of festivals and celebrations. Dussehra is one of these special occasions.

The Pre-primary classes held a special assembly virtually on 13 October 2021 to teach and learn the significance of Dussehra as an occasion to mark the triumph of good over evil.

The programme started with Aarav Chawla of PP Leo welcoming the gathering and requesting his friends Rabiya Bajaj of PP Gemini and Adrika of PP Merak to narrate the importance of celebrating Dussehra.

A skit consisting of a mother and her daughter by Haanvika of PP Vega and Elah Mujtaba of PP Orion was presented as a dialogue between the two wherein the daughter asks the daughter about Ravana. Her mother explains with a video on the Ramayana.

The students were joyfully dressed as characters from the great epic-Agastya Thakur of PP Leo as King Dasharth, Aarjav of PP Merak as Lord Rama, Aarvika of PP Gemini as Sita, Ayansh Kumar of PP Vega as Hanuman and Ayansh Mahato of PP Merak as Ravana. Each character spoke their lines confidently. They enthralled their classmates with a group dance to the popular song ‘Ramji ki nikli savari’ and ‘Ye hai Katha Ramayan ki’.

A poignant rendering of hymns like Ram Bade Veer They’ and ‘Aaj Dussehra Khushi Manao’ saw the gathering clap along.

Ketan of PP Gemini shared the negative qualities embodied by Ravana that aimed at conveying the message that pride and arrogance lead to downfall. The narrative explained that Ravana had the knowledge and wisdom of ten heads put together, but his pride and wrongdoing were the reasons for his defeat. Through visual aids, the students imbibed the enduring values that are associated with Dussehra.

Gauransh Bhardwaj thanked everyone for participating in the celebrations and wished everyone a HAPPY DUSSEHRA’.

Later in the virtual classroom, students watched a PPT on Dussehra and participated in a thoroughly enjoyable quiz.

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