Storytelling by an educator in Vietnam for classes 2B and 2E

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Storytelling is a universal and traditional art form used as an effective communication tool to inform, entertain and educate. It is a popular medium to ingrain values, improve reading skills and stimulate the minds of children.

The young students of classes IIB and II E participated in a virtual storytelling session hosted by an educator in Vietnam, Ms Sofia, on 30 July 2021. The students were reassured by the presence of their class teachers, Ms Priya Sharma and Ms Rakhi Singh, through the enthralling session.

Following a brief introduction, Ms Sofia commenced the session by narrating the short story titled “The Lion and the Pig”. Captivating visual illustrations of various scenes from the tale accompanied the lucid narration.

Ms Sofia brought alive the dangers of fighting amongst ourselves. She highlighted this message with vivid descriptions of the fight between the lion and the pig. As the two battled, vultures circled overhead, patiently awaiting to feast upon whoever died first. On realising the danger, the two fierce animals stopped their fight and became friends. Thus, the story delivered a powerful message on the importance of friendship and how friends can overcome threats.

Post the storytelling, the students engaged in an interaction with Ms Sofia, who asked them to make `friendship cards’ and exchange them with their friends. The students did so enthusiastically and unable to contain their curiosity, asked Ms Sofia if schools were closed and classes held online in Vietnam, as well.

A few students wondered at the courage exhibited by the pig in picking up a fight with the lion. Ms Sofia replied that the pig in the story was in fact, the ferocious wild boar. The students shared with her that while they had seen eagles, they had never spotted vultures in Delhi.

Overall, this session helped the young impressionable souls understand the significance of friendship.

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