Student leadership summit

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A student government of any educational institution is formed of students who display an inherent confidence to think, strategise and act in a variety of volatile and challenging situations.

Driven entirely by the Tagore International School Student Cabinet, ‘Lead On!’ is an annual leadership summit for Head Girls, Head Boys and Presidents of schools in Delhi NCR. Its motto, ‘Leaders of Tomorrow, Meet Today’ is based on connecting driven, compassionate, and innovative student leaders, inculcating critical leadership skills, and providing a common platform for them to work together towards an improved future.

On 5 December 2022, we, Ekveer Sahoo and Manan Kakkar of class XI participated in this leadership workshop hosted by Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, the theme of which was ‘Ethics, Engagement, Excellence’.

The day-long event comprised of two keynote speaker addresses, situational team challenges and leadership activities. The speakers were Ambassador Deepak Vohra, IFS, former Ambassador of India to Sudan and Mr Gaurav Agarwal, Co-founder and CTO Tata 1mg, who are epitomes of this ideology.

In today’s digitised world, emerging leaders must carve a niche for themselves through hard work and dedication, while consistently engaging with society and staying true to their values.

Keeping the above in mind, the day long event involved several fun activities and challenges designed to test our thinking and enhance our leadership qualities. We started in random groups of six and had to convince each other of a rather controversial prompt we were given on the spot and then decide the winner amongst ourselves.

We also participated in games played by managers and diplomats as part of their training which involved a card game where two teams each sat at fifteen different tables and played a rather basic game. After each round, the winning teams would switch tables. The catch was that we weren’t allowed to speak a single word for the entire duration of the event and could only communicate in gestures. What we did not know was that each table was given a different set of rules which meant we had to come up with creative solutions to decide who won without the aid of words!

Some other events involved a modified version of the famous conundrum known as the prisoner’s dilemma. We finished off the 9 hour event by playing ‘scan, never hunt’ that challenged our minds and took us all over the school in our quest to solve the mystery.

The entire event gave us a chance to rise above bookish knowledge and challenge our brains and communication skills in the real world among our peers, so that, at the end, each of us may come out a better version of ourselves.

It was an extremely interesting and engaging event hosted by High Schoolers for High Schoolers and we are grateful to our School for providing us an opportunity to be a part of it.

Manan Kakkar, class 11

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