Students turn short story writers during National Book Week

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 ”Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

- J. K. Rowling

Writing allows children to assert themselves and develop their “voice” which helps strengthen their self-confidence.

We, at The Indian School, under the guidance of our Vice-chairperson, Dr (Mrs) Nayana Goradia, have created an environment of fostering writing talent. Mrs Goradia, an accomplished writer herself, has always encouraged the children to write, to be creative and use imagination to confidently communicate their point of view, thoughts, and feelings. These efforts have not been in vain.

During the National Book Week celebrated at School from 17 to 20 November, children were accorded the opportunity to showcase their creative writing abilities on the website

Read Bloom Books is a website inspired by NEP 2020 to empower children to share their stories of everyday life, their dreams, aspirations and ideas through words and pictures. It includes stories written by the children for the children. Children between the age group 6-17 submit their stories for scrutiny by the Read Bloom panellists. Thence, selected stories are posted on the official website.

We are extremely proud to share that the short stories penned by our young writers, Saina Garg class 7, Niyati Khurana and Dhun Malhotra of class 8, have been posted on the Read Bloom Books website.

Saina Garg wrote a story titled Twin Detectives published under the mystery genre. Niyati Khurana wrote about ‘Nature and its Magic’, under realistic fiction and Dhun Malhotra wrote a fictional story ‘A Grain as Big as a Hen’s Egg’.

Childhood is the cradle of creativity. As we grow older, it gently fades if not nourished at the right age. Fantasy-inspired tales of princes, princesses and fire-breathing dragons give way to prosaic business prose.

These tiny steps taken today will certainly culminate in a giant leap tomorrow. It is hoped that the success of these young writers shall become a source of inspiration for many others to explore their love for writing.

With this belief, we once again congratulate the students for the exceptional display of talent and hope to see many more of their works published in the future.

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