Summer internship for the class 11, Commerce

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The students of class 11 Commerce engaged in an online internship from 2-5 June 2021. Mr Akshat Maheshwari of Anil K Maheshwari & Co., chartered accountants, was the host of the internship which was attended by 7 students of class XI-C. The internship was a unique experience which focused on the profession of a CA and gavd a real time taste of working in a CA firm.

In the 4 days internship programme, the students were introduced to new topics as well as exposed to situations where their academic knowledge was tested in a practical situation.

On the first day, Mr. Maheshwari, who is eminent name in the field talked about the various career options open for students, after opting for Commerce and the various aspects of being a CA. The students were told about the professional exams to be cleared and the level of preparation required. Students also spoke about their aspirations, goals and areas of interest.

On the second day, the students were taught how to calculate the various taxes when a gross income was given. They were also asked to calculate taxes levied on people of different age groups.

On the third day, students were given a brief introduction to the stock market and the companies listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange). They were given a project to do on

the same. The project enabled them to understand the concepts used in stock marketing and also helped them gain new knowledge about sources of business finance. The students were asked to prepare a list of 5 companies listed on the NSE and make a report on the prices of stocks on a daily basis for the period from 1/05/21 to 4/06/21. They were also told to identify the causes of fluctuations in the prices of shares.

On the fourth day, Mr Maheshwari briefed the group about the various functions of MS-Excel. He also discussed 4-5 stocks which were on a stagnant high. The students not only learned about stocks but also got an insight into various preferred careers. Since it was the last day of the internship, the students got to present their project on the stock market. Based upon the findings, Mr Maheshwari was to choose the companies where he would invest his money!

Overall, the internship was an enriching experience and the students participated enthusiastically. Mr Maheshwari was very helpful and patiently answered all the questions of the students.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Akshat Maheshwari for extending to us such an invaluable opportunity.

Jasleen Kaur and Shaumita Dasgupta, XI-C

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