Parent Speak

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Respected Radhika Mam and Sumedha Mam,

The video of my ward Ms. Shanzay Hayat for “Meet my Family” assignment for 13th May 2020 is attached for your kind reference.

Through the innovative tasks given by your good self is helping us discover our daughter in a unique way. These exercises have catapulted us to a different world where these tiny-tons are living each moment with pure joy.

May GOD bless you both with CHOICEST of BLESSINGS for making our child’s life so beautiful. Thanks a lot for everything.

Kind regards

Heena and Suhel

Dr. Heena Tabassum
Scientist & Program Officer
BMS Division
ICMR Hqs, New Delhi

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Dear Parent,

We are delighted that Shanzay and you equally enjoyed the activity! That was precisely the purpose- to discover and learn together.

We hope there will be many such activities where you will bond and bind with your beautiful baby!

Thanks for the encouragement for the teachers. It’s the support and collaboration of parents like yourselves that helps them do the best for the child.

Best wishes.
The Indian School


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