Teacher training for the new CBSE Multi skill Foundation Course for classes 9 and 10

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Our teachers, Ms. Khushboo Rawat and Ms Rukmini Thampi attended a three-day course to train on the Multi Skill Foundation course from 27 to 29 October, 2020. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarise the teachers with the new courses introduced by CBSE for classes IX and X.

Day 1

The session began with a brief introduction of the course and its need in the contemporary context. It stressed on the importance and impact of multi skill vocational training in classes IX and X and its relevance under the NEP 2020 through emphasis on conceptual understanding. The speaker elaborated upon concepts like Teamwork, Removing Gender Bias, Dignity of Labour, Resilience (Doing More with Less) and how these helps students develop skills and an understanding of day to day activities.

Workshop and Engineering Techniques was the topic covered during the second session. Skills like Carpentry and Plumbing were explained in detail with the various tools and techniques required, safety protocols, measures, and steps involved with their application in daily life.

 Day 2

The morning session focused on some key strategies like Learning by Doing/ Experiential Learning. The speaker explained implementation strategies or methodology, eg. Case study, Group discussion, Problem solving, Enquiry based learning, Product based learning, Sharing of Insights etc.

In the second session, the topic, Energy and Environment was taken up. She shared information related to topics that are covered in classes IX and X. Some of the topics of class IX that were talked about were -Types of lights, Measures to save electricity, Waste Management and Regeneration, Soak pit /Septic Tank etc. The topics covered in class X that were discussed were- Basic Electrical Techniques, Solar Energy, Use of Bio Gas etc.

Through power point presentations, the participants were shown the Multi Skill Lab, Set Ups and Work Area. The guidelines to be followed for setting up labs were also explained vividly with the safety precautions to be followed by teachers and students.

Day 3

On the last day of the workshop the resource person demonstrated the designing of a lesson plan for teaching topics of the Multi Skill Foundation course. She explained the various tools and techniques through which students can be enabled to acquire a mastery of the various skills.

Topics like Gardening, Nursery and Agriculture techniques, were shared and discussed by the resource person. The techniques comprised an introduction to gardening tools and implementation techniques, along with other basic terms associated with gardening like crop plantation, techniques of preparing vermi-compost/ organic manure, irrigation and water conservation methods and Innovative Gardening.

A session on Food Processing Techniques was conducted next, where topics like Food and Nutrition, Costing and Packaging and Personal Hygiene were discussed.

Overall, the workshop was very insightful and useful for everyone. We look forward to many such sessions in the coming days.

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