Teacher workshop on counselling at school

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An online zoom session titled ‘Revisiting Counselling Services in Schools’ was conducted by Tagore International School, East of Kailash on September 2, 2022. It aimed at addressing issues relating to myths and misconceptions about counselling, the role of counselling in promoting positive mental health in educational institutions and the development of in-house manpower for counselling support.

The session was attended by more than 150 teachers, principals and counsellors from schools all over the country. Our faculty member, Ms Jigyasa Khokkar, attended the same. The session was presided over by Dr. V.S. Ravindran, well known psychologist, child counsellor and teacher trainer. The entire event was coordinated by Professor Keshav Singh, Coordinator, Global Project, ICTRC.

The session commenced with the guest speaker highlighting the importance and relevance of career counselling. He elaborated on the need for developing an ability in the students to understand oneself better and make informed decisions, thereby, overcoming helping poor self esteem and lack of confidence.

As per the latest study, it was found that students are at least 6 months behind academically, due to the pandemic. The audience was sensitised of the need to mentor students and help them cope with their stresses and fears. He emphasised the requirement of more skilled professionals and counselling psychologists across the country. He mentioned that one- fifth of teacher time should be devoted to this need.

The need for understanding student concerns post the pandemic was stressed. The teachers were motivated to use practical techniques to deal with student problems and not give up.

The session concluded with an interactive question and answer round with the audience. A plethora of questions were asked including the appropriate student- counsellor ratio, ways to identify a minimum level of learning and identification of sexual behaviour amongst children.

Overall, it was an enlightening and enriching learning experience. The session can be rightfully summed up by the quote “Learn continually- there’s always one more thing to learn !”

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