Teacher workshop on making Math joyful

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Shakuntala Devi rightly said, “Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.”

St. Thomas School, Goyala Vihar, Dwarka, organized a mathematics workshop called ‘Joyful Mathematics’ on 13 and 14 February 2023. Ms Shiwangi Tiwari represented our School at the workshop. St. Thomas School’s Junior School Coordinator, Ms Ashima Lamba, warmly welcomed the speaker, Mr Subas Chandra Rauto, and introduced him to the audience honouring him for his selfless service in the field of education. Mr Subas Chandra Rauto has established a ‘Mathematical Park’ in Uttarakhand as an initiative of the CBSE.

Mr Rauto addressed the growing problem of ‘Math Phobia’ and proposed solutions to the problem. He included a number of novel and engaging exercises for students. He demonstrated a variety of games and puzzles that may be played with children, including the magic square, a number game, and a puzzle. He emphasised the need to rethink and revamp the process of instruction. He urged that teachers change their pedagogy depending on the group of students.

Mr Rauto divided the participants into groups and asked them to present a challenging topic in class. Ms Shiwangi Tiwari presented on the topic, ‘Introducing Multiplication through Role Play’, which was well received by the audience. This was followed by a variety of engaging games, such as determining percentages on graph paper, joining nine dots, brainteasers and coding.

The facilitator used his technical and pedagogical expertise to the benefit of the teachers. The workshop was educational, productive, and participatory. The session concluded with Ms Ashima Lamba’s formal vote of thanks.

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