Teacher workshop on National Science Day

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The Delhi State Science Teachers Forum observed National Science Day on 25 February 2023, to commemorate Nobel Laureate, Sir C.V. Raman.

The celebrations took place at Pragati Public School, Dwarka. The theme for National Science Day 2023 was ‘Global Science for Global Well-Being’, highlighting India’s emerging global role and rising visibility in the international arena. Ms Yogeshwari of The Indian School attended the session.

The event was hosted by Smt Yogita Girotra, Cultural Secretary and other DSSTF members. Ms Geeta Kapoor, Principal, Pragati Public School, honoured the celebrated scientist by distributing potted plants as a token of appreciation. A popular lecture was delivered by Dr K.P. Mishra, Scientist, at DRDO’s Institute of Physiology and Applied Science in Delhi. He explained his project on the dengue virus infection through a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting how Rhodiola can be used as an antiviral agent to boost the immune system.

Chief guest, Shri Himanshu Gupta, Director of Education, GNCT Delhi, delivered an inspirational speech. He shared his experience of his school and college days and recommended that teachers facilitate the scientific temperament amongst students. He emphasised the importance of teachers updating themselves to be effective in imparting knowledge to their students.

Activity-oriented lectures were undertaken by Prof A.K. Tandon, Founder, Director, Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology. He demonstrated several experiments using simple devices to explain major concepts such as the heating effect of an electric current, proving Ohm’s Law and the force on a conductor when subjected to a magnetic field. The session was presided over by Ms Zareen Taj, Additional Director (Science), DOE, GNCT Delhi.

Ms Savita Drall, DDE, DOE, GNCT Delhi, was the guest of honour. The event was extremely enlightening and also served as a platform for educators to come together and share their ideas and knowledge.

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