Teacher workshop on using Puppetry as a Teaching Aid

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A workshop for teachers on ‘Role of Puppetry in Education’ was held on 22 February 2020 at Springdales School, Pusa Road. Ms Sumedha Sikka and Ms Simran Kaur represented The Indian School at the workshop.

The workshop aimed at providing hands’-on information about using puppets as a creative teaching tool. At the workshop, Hashim and Sangya, founders of ‘The Puppetarians’ introduced the basics of puppetry and its varied forms practised all over the world.

The teachers were astonished to learn about the dynamic nature of the art of Puppetry and the extent of its impact. They were shown how to create their own glorified sock puppets. The organisers provided step-by-step assistance and supervision while the teachers struggled to outdo each other with their newly acquired skill! Professional puppetry techniques were also shared which helped in making the puppet characters most effective.

The teachers were taught to make the puppet character look like a ‘living and breathing entity’ by paying attention to attributes like lip sync, style of walking, singing, dancing and maintaining eye contact!

The workshop demonstrated the use of puppetry to enhance the skills of storytelling and encourage peer learning. The valuable session helped teachers innovate with techniques to engage better with the children in the classroom.

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