The Citizenship Programme – Activity Circular

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- Let’s share what’s keeping us busy during the lockdown. Make a 30- second video featuring yourself or your family members doing something creative /fun while you are home. Some suggestions are as follows :-

* Fun activities/games/creative games/songs/playing a musical instrument/healthy recipes etc.,

* A poem or a drawing depicting the state of the world through the eyes of our children

* How do you define being a good citizen during the lockdown specially in terms of following rules, sensitivity towards staff, senior citizens and pets?

* Health tips / exercise combined with a folk dance

* Observations about the environment and what has our fight with Covid-19 taught us as people and as a community

* Mention your name, class, and School in the beginning of the video and WhatsApp it to Ms Sangeeta Aswani on 9818144760 captioned “The Lockdown Challenge “ by Sunday,19 th April 2020. Teachers and parents are most welcome to send in their videos too

- Play games like NAME/PLACE/ANIMAL/THING/MOVIES with all the alphabets in a random manner– this improves general knowledge for all ages. It will be quite a challenge when you have to write an animal with the letter “U” or a place with the letter “X” !! MORE FAMILY TIME.

- Spend some time everyday talking about things you don’t know about each other – guess things about each other like your favourite food, colour, venue for an outing, place at home, hobby, best friend etc., in fact it might be a good time to start making a family tree from as far back as you can remember…!

- Choose a different State of India everyday and discuss the important facts about the state according to the age of your child – for eg., language, clothes, weather, important personalities, food, dance form etc., if possible, go on to you tube and watch a few videos on the dance form and try to learn them with the children.

- Make a fitness regime for the day – for eg., download a few simple aerobics, yoga, dance videos and set aside a time everyday for doing the workout together. At the end of every workout, learn to make a healthy drink together, like fruit smoothie, ice cream shake, salad, fruit juice etc., You could even make your own videos while having fun..!

- Start doing simple chores together in the house like dusting, making beds, folding clothes, setting and clearing the table before/after meals, drying utensils, etc. The children will learn responsibility and understand the real meaning of dignity of labour – probably prepare them to be independent for when they have to move on after school.

- Search for creative videos on Youtube like “thread pulling painting”, “30 drawing tricks you’ll want to try right away”, “21 simple and fun drawing ideas”, “30 simple drawing techniques” – the material required for the ideas in these videos will be readily available at your home even during the lockdown ..! in fact, you can even make your own videos once you have found the hobby of your choice. !

- Find your green fingers – search for “14 store bought vegetables & herbs you can regrow” – this is a very simple video with very simple language that can teach children how to grow vegetables at home.

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