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Early childhood is our special concern and we place great importance to the child’s learning environment. Our entrance lobby with the colourful interactive display assures the child that this is a place of fun, full of interest and will take care of him. Tables, chairs, counters, even bathroom sinks, are lowered to suit the child’s reach and to make him/her confident about coping with the environment. Every class has two teachers and a maid.


Library is a gaily-painted doll’s house in the second reception area with low shelves, a puppet theater and stuffed toys; it feels more like the enchanting story-telling nook it is. The children happily listen to their teachers and then through comment, song or dance nudge the story along. A mini podium is provided for a child would like to read aloud or recite a favorite poem. There is also a multimedia center with a TV screen and a DVD player to show playful animated films and classics. Children are taken to the AV room for special film shows


Children whose birthdays fall in a particular month are encouraged to visit social welfare or charitable service centres where the less privileged live. Special Nature Walks and excursions to monuments are also organized. Such awareness programmes are arranged and managed by the school authorities with parent consensus.

Our colourful Ecology Boards provide an early platform for the children to discover themselves. Prepared by class teachers with inputs from the children, they serve as pleasurable and non-threatening learning centers.So for instance, a nature scene depicting a river coming down from the settlement crops up on the river bank it is the beginning of civilization and thereby a history lesson!


Starting with vocabulary, understanding of sounds, shapes and colours, acquaintance with the alphabet and numbers, thinking in sequence, the teachers guide the young ones to explore and experiment making sure the child does not feel overburdened. The toddlers learn to draw and paint, model with clay, sing, dance, go on excursions and frolic in their splash pool and learn about their environment. Child size mini musical instruments are provided to arouse curiosity and interest. The play way equipment has been completely revamped and now they have an exciting physical development equipment to experiment with.

Now they have their own Gym. As also a Smart Board.


A “Twinkle twinkle little star” is made, not born and we make them young at The Indian School.
Every year each one of the students in the nursery class is given an opportunity of becoming “a star”. We find this scheme has helped the child to feel special and unique and made the transition from pre school smoother and more enjoyable. The child feels we honour his/her individually and that creates better bonding with classmates.

Children are made to feel connected to everything that goes on in the world by being in school. Every activity whether it be the Literary or Environment week, Malhaar or the Science Exhibition filters down to their level with age-appropriate activity.

There is provision for a mid-day meal for toddlers based on a carefully balanced calorie count by a professional nutritionist. The monthly menu is posted on the school website.

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