Top honours at inter school fest- ‘Creativity Conclave’

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B.K. Birla Public School, Kalyan, geared up to present its annual inter school fest, ‘Creativity Conclave’, virtually, this year. The online event was held on 10 and 11 November 2020.

The conclave consisted of the following events.

1. Imagescape ( Art Installation & Creative Text Response)

2. Pen It Like Me (Creative Writing)

3. Voice Your Votes (Debate)

4. Thinking Caps (Quiz)

1. Imagescape- The event required two participants to assemble a visual art installation, accompanied by a creative writing piece based on the installation. The team was given 25 minutes to put up the installation, using the prescribed materials, namely, brown tape, white sheets, a dupatta, red marker, plastic bag and scissors. The theme of the event was ‘March of the Migrants’.

Our School team, comprising Shreya Palit and Twisha Kacker of class XII created a visual display portraying the hardships and difficulties of migrant labourers during the pandemic. They conveyed how the migrants were left unemployed, without food and money, and how they risked their lives with a solitary goal in mind., ie, to go back home. The eight-line creative text response elucidated the same.

Mr. Sehaj Umang Singh Bhatia, judge at the event, shared tips with the participants on how one can improvise and use one’s physical environment or a place, as a prop as well. He even said that visual art installations aren’t limited to a physical model, but carried a deeper meaning based on the movement, camera footage and audio of the display.

The sessions were conducted by Knowledge Resource Curator Mr. Parnab Mukherjee.

2. Pen It Like Me (Creative Writing) – Two students of class VIII, Aryamaan Goswamy and Kavya Gera, participated in this event. They were given the topic on the spot and were given fifteen minutes to prepare for it. The brief was to compose a poem and a short story within the time given to them. Both the participants used the best of their creative skills and Aryamaan Goswamy won the First Prize in the event.

3.Voice your Votes (Debate)- Shruti Arora, Gunveer Singh Dhir and Samaara Ravish of class XI participated in the multi format debate. Shruti Arora won the first prize in the Bridge Round where she made her case for the motion- ‘This house awaits a new USA’. Gunveer Singh Dhir was adjudged Best Speaker in the semi-final round.

4.Thinking Caps (Quiz) – Hardik Gogia and Manas Mukhija of class X donned their thinking caps to engage in a keenly contested quiz conducted by quiz master, Mr Parnab Mukherjee. The event consisted of multiple rounds based on general awareness, audio and visual prompts.

The fest was a wonderful opportunity to bring out the best latent emotional and creative abilities of students.

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