Top Honours at inter school literary- arts event

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Sunbeam Suncity School, Varanasi, organised a unique amalgamation of literary and visual arts’ events in the form of a conclave. The ‘Sunbeam Suncity Ideation Conclave 2020- Celebrating the Unconquerable Soul’ was held on 20 and 21 December, 2020. It consisted of five events namely Debate, Quiz, Visual Arts Installation, Creative Writing and Radio Play and was curated by popular Knowledge Resource Curator, Mr Parnab Mukherjee.

 Invictus: Multi-format English debate

Gunveer Singh Dhir of class XI and Mannan Kakkar of class IX participated in this event. Gunveer represented our School in the Turncoat round and was handed the topic ‘This House wants to abolish parties and allow individuals to contest elections’. Mannan spoke in the Extempore round on the topic, ‘Looking back@2020 travel’. The duo reached the semi-finals and spoke in favour of the topic ‘This House believes that social media is destroying the ethos of democracy’. Their powerful speeches won them the Second Runners Up position in the event for the Multi Format Debate.

 Icarus: General Quiz

This event comprised of rounds based on general awareness, audio and visual prompts. Anushka Saxena and Piyush Rangra from class XI took part in the same.

Imbue: Creative Writing

The event was open for classes VI to VIII. Aryaman Goswamy of class VIII took part in the event and secured the First position for his piece- ‘A Page from a Lockdown Memory’.

Illumine: Visual Art Installation and Creative Writing Text Response in English

The event required a team of two members. A theme was given 5 minutes prior to the start of the event. The participant was expected to sketch the blueprint of an improvised installation for his/her personal reference.

The second participant had to respond to the installation of the first participant and write a response in eight lines. The text could be any genre: poetry/prose/conversation or a combination of all three.

Shruti Arora And Yuvraj Acharya of class XI participated in the event. Our team was asked to create a visual installation and creative a text response to the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song- Murder Most Foul.

Impavid: English Experimental Short Radio Play and Enactment

In this event two performers had to play Verbal roles and the third performer had to be act as technical- in-charge. The medium for the verbal roles was English. Each school was handed a theme 15 minutes before the start of the competition. Through WhatsApp, participants had to record each other’s conversations and then edit the same as a 5-minute piece. The preparation time was 1 hour 15 minutes. Jiya Jawa, Vanshika Kanaujia and Aditya Kunwar from class XI took part in this event.

Our team received the topic – The first lines or The Last Testament. The participants were asked to use a real-life example or a published fictional piece as the basis of their work.

The Conclave witnessed the participation of 30 schools and proved to be a great learning experience for all.

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