Training in Self Defence techniques by the Delhi Police for girls of classes 8-10

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Keeping in mind the steep rise in cases of crime against women, The Indian School in collaboration with the Delhi Police, undertook a training programme in self defence for the girls of classes 8 to 10. The ten day training was conducted from 14 October to 31 October, 2019 in the skating rink at School.

Each session of one and a half hours included knowledge of basic skills as well as skills of advanced attack and defence techniques. Supervised by officers of the Special Police Unit for Women and Children (Delhi Police), Ms Sushma and Ms Madhu, the girls were taught techniques like punch attacks, fist attack, finger tips attacks, elbow attacks, palm attacks, blocks etc. in the basic level.

In the advanced level category, techniques to free oneself from hand grips and neck locks were taught. The students were even taught the application of these in daily life- how to react in situations of assault in public transport like buses. Every action was thoroughly demonstrated and monitored by the trainers. Sharing of experiences and instances by the trainers was an integral part of every session.

It is true that fear weakens us long before what we fear, comes upon us. The students were taught that displaying anger rather than fear and shouting out loudly when attacked by unscrupulous elements are the critical measures required to be practiced.

The training showed the students to become their own bodyguards.

On the last day of the session, the students were awarded certificates by the Delhi Police for their participation in the valuable programme.

Bhuvi Kashyap IXC

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