Virtual classroom on Christmas with peers in Vietnam, for Pre primary

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An interactive skype session with educators overseas enables young children to explore the world with limitless options. These Skype sessions help students build compassion, share knowledge and have fun. Virtual classroom interactions bring new joy to students and encourage them to participate in discussions with confidence.

On 24 December, 2021, the Pre-primary children of Merak, Leo, Gemini, Orion, and Vega of The Indian School skyped Ms Binh Nguyen, an educator teaching primary and secondary school at Nam Dinh city in Vietnam.

Students were excited at the opportunity to engage and exchange information with their counterparts in Vietnam.

The Pre-primary children presented a beautiful skit with Anika Kaushal, Tyasha Bindra, Atiksh, Shayaan, Aavya, Kashvi dressed festively, embellished with Christmas trees, candles, candy canes, stars, gifts and bells. They explained the meaning of these Christmas decorations.

As part of the festivities, Aarav Raushan of Vega, Airaya Saluja of Orion, Yohaan of Merak, Inaya Khanna of Leo and Myra of Gemini were dressed in red and green and recorded an enchanting dance video on a medley of carols sung by them.

Next, the Vietnamese children presented a letter addressed to Santa requesting gifts from him. The friendly kids engaged in an interactive question-answer round based on their presentations. They asked their Indian counterparts questions like, How do the reindeer fly? Do the reindeer ever get tired? Is Rudolph real?

The Indianites’ thoughtful and witty responses scintillated the audience, leading to much merriment.

The grand finale saw the students of both schools jointly sing Christmas carols! Their hauntingly sweet voices echoed in the memory long after the session was over.

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