Webinar on ‘Transferable skills and career competencies required in 2025’ for senior students

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The recent time of pandemic have drawn the attention of the world to the need for a shift in our lifestyle, approach to life and management skills. It has highlighted the need to rethink about skill-building for professional competence. To discuss these aspects, a webinar was organised on ‘Transferable skills and career competencies required in 2025’, in collaboration with IncubateINDX. It was held on 3 July, 2020 for the students of classes XI and XII. The mentor for the students on the occasion was Prof. Arjya B Majumdar (Dean, Admissions and Outreach at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU).

Prof Arjya began with the examples of some successful bloggers and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Chiara Ferragni and Pewdiepie. It drew attention to the prospects of thinking about unconventional ways of attempting to achieve success. He stated that around 85% jobs had not yet been explored worldwide and to think in an unconventional way one must dissociate training from learning.

After a brief discussion the mentor explained the importance of certain skills which are transferable across various sectors. He emphasised upon the fact that as a student one must practise such skills, so that the process of learning is gradual. He presented a core list of seven skills and discussed them in detail. The seven skills he named were:

1) Intellectual curiosity
2) Critical thinking
3) Interpersonal skills
4) Versatility
5) Diversity and cultural intelligence
6) Service orientation
7) Ethical aptitude

Prof Arjya Majumdar then moved on to answer the questions of the participants. A few questions asked were ‘Do you think that we are morally obliged to financially and emotionally aid each other even after one’s career takes off?’, ‘What kind of jobs would be more in demand – intellectually inclined or creativity based? and ‘ Do we feel the need to replace the regular way of the working of courts in India, with technology-supported ways in the current pandemic situation?

Prof Majumdar was impressed with the questions posed by our young audience and answered all the questions patiently. A few points included in his answers were that, till such time that humans remain connected they will require each other’s support. Hence the question of requiring no manpower or a total automation in the future will never arise. He also mentioned that we can never compare intelligence and creativity. Therefore, jobs requiring both these traits will find their individual space in the industry.

Talking about settling abroad the speaker stated that immigration to other countries will see a pause for a while or witness a slowdown till the next wave of globalisation is seen. According to him, there is an absolute need to incorporate technology in every area.

The session was very interesting and informative. It was an opportunity to learn about the changing dynamics of industry and the skills required to be prepared for the same. To be ready for the changing world it was appropriately stated by him, ‘Take an idea and let that idea consume you’.

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